Weekly Horoscope
Tula Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,24 September 2023 to Saturday,30 September 2023
Sunday,24 September 2023 to Saturday,30 September 2023
Politicians would do good to listen to their conscience before they speak out in public.
Software professionals will have to be patient to see the improvements at work place. Things do not happen overnight.
Medical professionals who desire to start their own hospital or dispensary will start working towards it today. The would start the process of building one.
Students appearing for their exams are advised to work hard and to constantly keep revising their studies.
Those in the political filed might not have a very favorable time today. Opposition would be up against them, things wouldn't be working well within the party for them, etc.
The markets could be very favorable today for those involved in the share markets.
Today will be a very busy day for businessmen and industrialists. Apart from already scheduled meetings they may even have an unexpected business meeting with a foreign delegation.