Weekly Horoscope
Vrishika Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,23 January 2022 to Saturday,29 January 2022
Sunday,23 January 2022 to Saturday,29 January 2022
Engineers and technically qualified people can expect new opportunities at a higher position.
Be very cautious today as there might be a chance of you getting robbed or cheated. Do not trust any strangers.
Children will be very supportive and help around the house today. Any celebration planned at the end of the day would be full of fun and laughter.
Advocates may have to face the wrath of their seniors as colleagues tend to over interfere in their matters.
Businessmen should be very wary of cheating or any fraud today. Especially if they are signing a new contract or deal it would be advisable to go through it once more and check for any irregularity.
Sportspersons are advised caution today. They should steer away from controversies. It might ruin their reputation and even their career.
Real estate agents are advised to be wary of signing any new partnership deeds. They need to ensure that they could completely trust the people opposite. Also ensure that they are getting a fair deal.
Those in the technology field might take too long to make a decision. They might put off the decision till the last minute. This would provide a negative result.
Businessmen planning a new venture may finally start it today. Or they may take the final steps towards this goal.