Weekly Horoscope
Vrishika Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,04 December 2022 to Saturday,10 December 2022
Sunday,04 December 2022 to Saturday,10 December 2022
Real estate businessmen may just relax today as personal property transactions would go smoothly.
Students might today fumble in doing their required projects. Those who are into technical studies may also be affected adversely.
Teachers are today advised to exercise extreme caution while dealing with official matters. Chances are that they might have to pay for somebody else's mistakes.
Teachers will be busy today attending seminars or workshops which may later assist them at work.

Unexpected problems in the family might keep you from meeting your beloved today.
Today you should look after your health. Also advisable to go for your regular health check up.
Those who have been in a long term relationship may feel confused about the future. They might even stall marriage as they are not sure of themselves.
Real estate agents may expect to benefit from their interactions with top officials. They could prove to be valuable resources for the agents.