Inauspiscious Tithi / Nakshatra Yogas

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Asubha “inauspicious” Yoga: The 12th Tithi with Aslesha; the 1st with Uttarashadha; the 2nd with Anuradha; the
5th with Magha; the 3rd with any of the three Uttaras; the 11th with Rohini; the 13th with Svati or Chitra; the 7th with
Hasta or Mula; the 9th with Krittika; the 8th with Purvabhadrapada; and the 6th Tithi with Rohini are unfavorable for
doing all beneficial activities.
Poor Luck in Ten Months: Anuradha coinciding with the 2nd Tithi; any of the three Uttaras with the 3rd Tithi;
Magha or Hasta with the 5th Tithi; Chitra or Svati with the 13th Tithi; and Rohini with the 8th Tithi form very
unlucky Yogas in which nothing important should be commenced. The ill effects manifest in ten months.






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