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In this post, we will see how all the Zodiac sign benefits from Guru Peyarchi 2023 to 2024 (Jupiter transit 2023)?

On April 22nd, Guru moves out of Pisces and moves into Mars’ sign, Aries. And he will remain in this sign till May 1, 2024.

After transit into Aries, Guru Bhagwan will move into Vakra state on September 4th. After that, on December 31st, he will attain Vakra Nivarti.

The transit of Jupiter on April 22nd will take place in Astamana. Because on March 31, 2023 the planet Jupiter (Guru) enter into astamana and then rise on April 30. Meanwhile, Guru Bhagavan will transit into Aries sign on April 22.

When Guru Bhagavan is aspecting the Rasi, traveling in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th places will do good things. Let’s see who will get wonderful benefits from the Guru peyarchi that will happen in April 2023.

Plant Guru transits from Pisces to Aries at 5 am on April 22nd. According to Kala Purusha theory, planet Jupiter is going to travel with Rahu in first house Aries.

Guru Bhagavan also gets the aspects of Shani Bhagavan. For one year, Jupiter will travel in Aries in Ashwini Nakshatras, Bharani and Kartika Nakshatras.

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Aries Sign Guru peyarchi 2023 Effects

Thoughts will be fulfilled as Guru Bhagavan changes to Aries Sign (Rasi). So far, Planet Jupiter gave auspicious expenses due to 12th placement. Guru (Jupiter) will give you good fortune along with Rahu in your sign. MAHAPURUSHA YOGAS
Guru Bhagwan will give you good fortune along with Rahu in your sign. As Guru Bhagavan visits 5th, 7th and 9th house, new assets can be acquired. Get a new job. Profits will increase. Change of job, change of town, change of place will be fulfilled. You will success in all your undertakings.

Taurus Sign Guru peyarchi 2023 Effects

For Taurus people, Guru Bhagavan is going to come to Viraiya Sthana which is the 12th house of your sign. Pay attention to money matters. Don’t be broad-footed in investments. It is better to think twice when buying a house or land. Stomach problems may occur. Need more attention and patience on you work.
Stay on your current job. Don’t quit your job and look for another job. Joint venturers need to be careful. Mental stress will be relieved. Debt problems will disappear. Litigation problems will be eliminated. You will do lot of travelling.
auspicious expenses will increase. The time has come for a love marriage. Diseases will disappear and health will increase. Worshiping Lord Narasimha will bring benefits.

Gemini Sign Guru peyarchi 2023 Effects

Ashtamatu Shani has gone away for Gemini zodiac sign. Guru Bhagwan transits 11th house. All the profits are coming. You will recover lost wealth. Those who have left you will come to understand you. You will recover from difficulties. Money that has left the hand will find a home. The problems in the family will gradually end.

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Cancer Sign Guru peyarchi 2023 Effects

Guru Bhagavan is going to come in the 10th house of your sign. There is a fear that the 10th house Guru will lose the position. Ashtama Shani also joins with Rahu and Jupiter in 10th house. There will be problems in work and business. Don’t over invest in stock market. Do not start a new business during this period. You will overcome difficulties.

Leo Sign Guru peyarchi 2023 Effects

Leo natives are going to get amazing results during this Guru peyarchi 2023 to 2024. Guru Bhagavan who will travel in Bhagya Sthana will aspect your Zodiac sign. Guru in Ninth house will give a lot of profit. Will increases your courage and self-confidence. Rise in Business/Career level. Increase in cash income.

Virgo Sign Guru peyarchi 2023 Effects

Unexpected fortunes are coming. You have been very greedy in the past and have lost a lot of money and thus respect in the past. From now on Guru’s journey and aspect will fall on the 12th, 2nd and 4th houses of your zodiac sign, so the money income and thus the auspicious expenses will increase. Income and success will be obtained according to hard work. You will travel abroad for work.

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Libra Sign Guru peyarchi 2023 Effects

Guru Bhagavan will move to seventh house and aspects your sign. Family unity will increase. You will get profit in your business. More cash income will come. Debt problems will disappear. A good life partner will come in search. Those who have lost their jobs will get good jobs. Good promotion will also be available in office.

Scorpio Sign Guru peyarchi 2023 Effects

Guru bhagavan (Planet Jupiter) transiting to 6th house is not good but conjunct with Rahu will give you great yoga. Your reputation and growth will increase. Auspicious expenses will increase. You will buy a house, car and vehicle.
You will get a good job. Investments in industry and business will increase. You will get rid of diseases. Money income also increases because Jupiter aspects falls on Dhana Sthana (2nd house).

Sagittarius Sign Guru peyarchi 2023 Effects

After Guru peyarchi 2023, Miracles will happen to Sagittarius sign. Guru bhagavan aspects its own Rasi. 5th house Jupiter will bring a lot of good for you. You will get promotion at work due to Guru ninth aspects. You will get respect, honor and status. A bright future is ahead. Work and career will be good.
Those who are waiting for marriage will be blessed with good fortune and parents will benefit from children. Body and mind will be rejuvenated. There will be job opportunities abroad. Students will have the opportunity to advance in their studies and study in the educational institutions of their choice.

Capricorn Sign Guru peyarchi 2023 Effects

All the hard times are going to end. There will be tremendous progress in your life. Suka Sthana (4th house) Guru will travel along with Lord Rahu. Life style improvement.
Dawn is coming. Diseases will disappear. Health will increase. Students will get higher education opportunities. There will be good news for those who have written the government exam. Benefits will increase.

Aquarius Sign Guru peyarchi 2023 Effects

Janma Sani and Jupiter along with Rahu in the third house, will need to take care of your health.
Even if the planets are in an unfavorable position, there will be benefits due to the grace of the Lord. You will get blessed with marriage and children. You will go on spiritual journeys as the aspects of Guru Bhagavan is favorable. Sometimes profit is made in business.

Pisces Sign Guru peyarchi 2023 Effects

As Jupiter comes to the second house, the income will increase. The aspect of 2nd house Guru Bhagavan falls on the 6th, 8th and 10th houses of your sign. Although the Saturn period starts at half past seven, it is still a very prosperous period for you. The separated will unite. Those who have not been able to keep their promises until now, you will keep the words after Guru peyarchi.
New job with good salary and promotion for the employed. They will fulfill their promises. Unexpected fortunes will follow. A sudden jackpot is about to hit.

General Prediction of Jupiter transit 2023

Jupiter is trapped between Saturn and Rahu in 2023. In this article we will see how India and world benefits from this plant combination.

Since Saturn entered Aquarius on January 17th, Jupiter running in Pisces have come to bondage. Rahu in front, sandwiches in between Saturn became Jupiter planet.

Now if we talk about Jupiter, Jupiter is the source of income, means source of income is given by Jupiter only. Our house is well run by the grace of Jupiter. Because Jupiter is the natural factor of wealth and profit place in the horoscope.

What will the India and World get its benefit?

Saturn Service or Planet of Job. Fixed income earned every month means salary is given by Saturn only. No matter how strong the planet Saturn is, its original nature is to give limitations in life. And the struggle is also to give. Only Saturn sees the account of the sins and deeds of the previous birth. So when Saturn is behind the Jupiter just next to him and Jupiter is also going to join Rahu from April 25, 2023 is very handleable for jobs, jobs, service.

Job and Economic

Employees will be fired from many big companies. The danger of job will increase in the whole world especially in the western world because Saturn himself is the owner of the west direction. So the danger of jobs is seen in the most western countries.

Jupiter is the master of the east direction. Guru peyarchi 2023 to 2024 indicates there will be economic conflict in the countries of eastern India. The political answer can be underworld. Countries like Japan, New Zealand and Australia can face natural disasters. The attack can also create a question of safety.

Many employees will lose their jobs especially until November starts and Jupiter Rahu is not separated. Business and employment can also be closed. This is the time to handle everyone. Even in the stock market, this 9 months is a lot of handling and staying away from speculation.

The second influence of the Jupiter is to make law. This year some new laws will be implemented and there will be any changes in the Supreme Court and the legal system.

The third effect of the Jupiter is in the education system, so there will be some change in it this year. But if Jupiter and Rahu will be walking together at the time of result, then this year the struggle of children regarding results and admission will increase.

If Jupiter planet is the factor of children, then that means parents can be very worried about their children this year. Children can wander too. Rahu is the factor of drugs, so after coming with the Jupiter, youth can get addicted to drugs and drug business can also grow. This is a huge concern I see this year. Kids need a little attention this year.

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