Calculation longevity | Determination of Longevity in Vedic Astrology – Part 1

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Calculation of Longevity with Vedic Astrology 

  1. The first thing to be considered after the birth of the child is the

examination of his longevity. The other effects should be judged later. If the

nativity indicates some merits like Raja Yoga etc., their effects should be assessed

in consultation with those who are proficient in the knowledge of Astrology.

  2. There is difference of opinion about the actual time of birth of the child.

The various views are —

   (1) The time of birth is that when the head (of the infant) emerges.

   (2) The time of birth is that when the body of the infant emerges and touches

the ground.

   (3) The time of birth is that when the body of the infant is completed,

separated from the mother’s womb.

   3. In the case of human beings, it is not possible to determine the longevity

of a child within the first twelve years. Even if the nativity shows good longevity,

the child meets his death owing to the sinful actions of the parents (during this or

previous births).

   4. If the child dies within the first four year it will be due to the mother’s

sins. Death taking place between four to eight year will be due to the sins of the

father. If the death takes place between eight and twelve years, it will be due to the

native’s own sinful actions in the previous births.

   5. With a view to escape from the evil effects described above the father

should resort to remedial measures mentioned below to promote the longevity of

the child and for his protection. The father should arrange for the performance of

religious rites preceded by the incantations of mantras and offerings of oblations

by the pouring of ghee etc., in the holy fire on every, birth day of the child

(according to lunar month) till the 12th year. This should be suppplemented by

appropriate medical treatment where necessary.

   6. The first eight year’s period of a man’s life is treated as Balarishta. Thus

that afflict him till the 20th year are said to be due to Yogarishta (evils produced by

planetary dispositions). When the longevity extends to 32, it is called alpayus or

short life. It is called Madhyamayus or middle age when the span of life extends to

70 years. It is Poornayus when the period of life extends to 100 years.

   7. A hundred years is generally recognised as the span of life for human

beings. The division of this period Into three portions constitutes respectively the

Alpayu, Madhyamayu and Poornayu and this is recognised universally.

   8. If the birth occurs in the evil yogas – Dinamrityu, Dinaroga or

Vishaghatikala, the child will die immediately after birth.

   Notes— Described below are the Dinamrityu, Dinaroga and Vishagatikala


   Dina mrityu— There is this yoga when the birth is during the day in the first

quarter of Dhanishta and hasta, in the 2nd quarter of Uttarabhadra and Ashlesha,

and the fourth quarter of Bharani and Moola. These yogas do not cause any evil

effect if the birth is during the night.

   Dinaroga — There is this yoga when the birth occurs during the day in the

first quarter of Ashlesha and Uttarabhadra, in the second quarter of Bharani and

Moola, in the third quarter of Uttaraphalguni and Sravana and in the fourth quarter

of Swati and Mrigashira. These yogas will cause no evil effects if the birth occurs

during the night.

   Vishagatikala — Every nakshatra has ghatikas of Vishagatikala as under —

Aswin 50-54, Bharani 24-28, Krittika 30-34, Rohini 40-44, Mrigashira 14-

18, Aridra 21-25, Punarvasu 30-34, Pushyami 20-24, Ashlesha 32-36, Makha 30-

34, Poorvaphalguni 20-24, Uttaraphalguni 18-22, Hasta 21-25, Chlttra 20-24,

Swati 14-18, Visakha 14-18., Anuradha 10-14, Jyestha 14-18, Mcx)la 56-60,

Poorvashada 24-281 Uttarashada 20-24, Saravana 10-14, Dhanista 10-14,

Shatabhlsha 18-22, Poorvabhadra 16-20, Uttarabhadra 24-28 and Revati 30-34.

   If the birth occurs in the first quarter of Pushyami, Poorvashada and Chittra,

the father of the native dies. If it be in the second quarter, the mother dies. The

child will himself die if the birth takes place in the third quarter. The maternal

uncle will die if the birth be in the fourth quarter of these nakshatra.

If the Ascendant is not connected with benefic planets and birth takes place

in Moola or Ashlesha nakshatras the results will be as follows:—

 9. If the birth takes place at the time of Sandhi (junction) of the signs and if

the signs be not aspected by or associated with benefics the child born dies soon

after birth.

If the birth occurs in Gandanta the death takes place either of the parents or

the native himself. If, however, the native survives he becomes splendourous like a

king (The sandhis between Pisces and Aries, Cancer and Leo and Scorpio and

Sagittarius are called gandanta). The person, who is born in Sandhi associated with

or aspected by malefics will not see Sunrise. The same result may be expected if

the Moon at birth attains tne fateful degree in any sign and is at the same time


 10. Jf the degrees attained by the Moon in Aries and the other sign be

respectively 26, 12, 13, 25, 24, 11, 26, 14, 13, 25, 5 and 12, they indicate death.

 11. The following are (also) respectively deemed as Mrityubhagas or fateful

degrees of the Lagna in the several signs from Aries onwards 8, 9, 22, 22, 25, 14,

4, 23, 18, 20, 21, and 10.

 12. The child born dies soon after birth in the following planetary

dispositions :—

    (1) If malefics be in the Kendra or the 8th.

    (2) If the Ascendant and the 8th are occupied by malefics.

   (3) If the Ascendant and the 7th are occupied by malefics.

   (4) If the Moon and the Ascendant be hemmed in between malefics.

   (5) If the waning Moon be posited in 6th, 8th or 12th.

   (6) If the waning Moon alongwith malefics occupies the 1st, 5th, 7th or the

        9th house.

   (7) If the malefics be posited in the 7th and 8th houses.



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