Can anyone avenge through Block Magic?

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This is the topic for discussion here. A client from other country faith in Hindu philosophy messaged me as like this: 

“…… The thing is that sir due to a lot of black magic been done in my family someone has removed the protection of our kuldev from our head….. This is causing havoc in my family as you might understand it the kuldev that protects the gotra and lineage……”

This is the matter the client has sent to me. And my response goes as in following paras/lines.

Will you affect with black magic?

First let me clear you why you will be afflicted with black magic:

Property issue, where entire families targeted to be wiped out from possession. A love interest to detach from family the main person who turns to be hostile to his family. In my consideration these are two important factors, in your case may be one because the Venus is with Ketu and combust Mercury and lagna lord Saturn with debilitated Sun in Libra. Be it be of any, not to be cow down, face the challenge.

Role of Ketu

In such supposition Ketu position and distance from Jupiter and Moon; and the 8 and 12 house connectivity to these planets are considerable. Another point Rahu s connection with Mars, Saturn, and at the same time when connected malefically to 5 or 9 th house then such phenomenon arises.

Moon is mind and Saturn is depression it’s connection speaks weak mentality. So a feeling of Black magic is found in those natives for weak aura or energy. Rahu is ignorance, desires to harm other is born out of Rahu influences.

In the chart Mercury and Saturn are combust. Ketu is in Scorpio with Mercury and Venus. Placed 12 th from Jupiter and 10 from Moon.

The 8 house is Virgo, it’s lord Mercury(c) is with Ketu. The 12 house is Capricorn. Lord Saturn(c) is with Sun in Libra. Saturn is exhalted and Sun debilitated. Moon is in Aquarius, Asc sign. Ketu is connected through Venus to Saturn (Libra sign is of Venus) , for being Ketu is with Venus.

Rahu is in Taurus , Venus is in Scorpio. Venus is 9 th lord. Through Venus Rahu connects to 9 house, and Mars. Mercury is the 5 lord. He is also in Scorpio. Mercury and Venus aspect Rahu.

Kadam Chandran Articles

So the chain of link as per the rulings mentioned above those are present in the chart. Unscientifically we say the you are under the spell of black magic, but I will say it is your poor will power and incapacity to face and a challenge. The planets and houses are afflicted , malefic planets present there .

First Rule :

To corroborate the idea of black magic an afflicted weak Lagna is first and foremost indication. You are of Aquarius Lagna, the Lord Saturn is totally weak so you foster and nurture the fear psychosis of black magic. The lagna is influenced by Sun, Moon, Venus and Saturn. Among them Saturn is main. It links to 1 3 6 7 9 11. In these house objectives Saturn is weak. As a person, your will power, capacity to handle a situation, dealing with others, the scientific knowledge, and poor achievement in life are afflicted. As a whole these planets are responsible for houses 1 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. The houses like 1 5 7 8 9 12 speaks some abnormalities in your nature .

Second Rule :

when a native is born in and passing through a Dasha of the above planets with weak in their placement : (Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Saturn, Sun and Moon ) such morbid ideas do come. Let us see the details.

The DBA Saturn-Saturn-Moon up to 16.06.20, Mars 20.08.20 and Rahu 02.02.21. You are passing through.

Saturn is in Visakha-Jupiter-, Moon in Satvisha- Rahu, Mars in Pu.Shada-Venus and Rahu in Krittika- Sun. Rahu wherever is present with Saturn connection gives this idea of black magic. Except Rahu other Lords are auspicious, I don’t see any harm to you. You can come out from such ordeals.

First you please set right your health condition. Have a consultation with psychiatrist /physician who can find out your symptoms and give medicine and practices for exercise to boost your immunity and will power. Be vegetarian, and take ample of nutrient food, easily digestive in your body. Give up any addiction if you resorted to for building up a strong will then quiet immediately if you want to survive.


Then my suggestion is to Chant Hanuman chalisha or Shirdi Saibaba mantras as much time as you can. Please visit temple frequently. Don’t indulge in negativity. Never think to harm any body which will rebound to you causing much strain and depression.

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