New Unique Clock Time Method of Astrology Predictions

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CLOCK TIME Method of Predictions

Today I will discuss one new unique CT method for Horary or Prashna. This is my OWN research after practical observations. This is a snap shot method. We have not to prepare any chart. Not to see the Planetary position. Please read this post 4 to 5 times peacefully to master it.

Before we start to understand the System, let us understand some fundamentals. In this method We have to understand the planets through Numbers. All planets are throwing cosmic rays on the earth and they are of different wavelength. Numbers are nothing but the planets themselves. 2018 Financial Crisis and Water Problem in INDIA

We have given number 1 to Sun’s cosmic rays which are full of energy and gives life on earth through Oxygen. Same way cosmic rays from all planets are given different numbers. Now remember the below Significations for all 9 numbers.

Number 1 : Sun is related to (Power, Success, Energy, Recovery, Life, Victory, Positivity )

Number 2 : Moon is related to (Joy, Peace, Journey, Change, Speed, Growth, Success, Fame, Flexibility ) Astrology analysis for Medical Line

Number 3 : Jupiter is related to (Child birth, Male child, Success, Money, Expansion, Gain, Auspicious events, Compromise, Hopes, Bliss Grace )

Number 4 : Rahu is related to (Falsehood, Confusion, Insecurity, Hallucination, Complications, Illusion, Instability )

Number 5 : Mercury is related to (Communication, intellect, Confusion, double mind, calculations, repetition, Uncertainty ) Venus and Rahu in your Birth Chart

Number 6 : Venus is related to (Love, Female, Smoothness, Ayurveda, Hopes, Harmony, Recovery, Gain )

Number 7 : Ketu is related to (Termination, Break, operation, abortion or miscarriage, Failure, End ) Will BJP will win in Karnataka election 2018?

Number 8 : Saturn is related to (Limitation, Failure, Delay, Obstacles, Negativity, Death )

Number 9 : Mars is related to (Victory, Fight, Fear Law Enemy Operation, Medicines, Math’s, Struggle, Success )

Understand CT Method

Let us understand the method in details. If anybody asks you a Question then immediately watch the time in your mobile. It should be in digital mode. Focus on hours and minutes. HOURS is a QUESTION. MINUTES is an ANSWER. Keep Clock in Am Pm mode.

If it is 1 am or 1 pm Sun is active on earth for one hour. If 2 am or 2 pm, Moon is active on earth for one hour. In short from 1 to 1.59 Sun is active. From 2 to 2.59 Moon is active. From 3 to 3.59 Jupiter is active and so on. Astrology Tips for Share Market

All question has a hidden connection with Hour planet. If somebody asks you a question at 3.54 pm, means the question has a subtle connection with 3 or Jupiter. The question may be regarding Education, Result, Auspecious event like Marriage, Income orJob, Court matter Children Family and like.

We have to find answer now. Answer is hidden in the Minutes. See whether Minutes is friendly to hours or it is inimical ?

Number 1 is inimical to 7 and 8.
Number 2 is inimical to 7 and 8.
Number 7 and 8 both are inimical to 1 and 2.
Number 3 is inimical to 4 and 7
Number 4 and 7 are inimical to 3

Now focus on Mínutes figure. If Hours and Minutes are in 2 digit then make it 1 digit. For example 11 means 2, 24 means 6, 32 means 5 and like. Now forget about Time. Focus on Numbers only and give the Answer. Answer remains in Minutes figure.

Few Examples

– I love one Girl, whether she will marry me ? Mobile time 6.25 pm. Venus plus Ketu.No. Relation will be broken. Remedies in Vedic Astrology
– Tomorrow is a meeting with a Guy. He is coming to see my daughter. Whether this will materialise in marriage ? Mobile time is 2.12 pm. Moon is connected with Jupiter here and Jupiter is connected with Hopes and Auspecious event so answer will be Yes.
– Whether India will win this match today ? Mobile time 10.09 am. Yes. Sun connected with Mars the warrier and Winner. So winning. If 10.08 then defeat.
– I am expecting my job letter in this week. Shall I get ? Mobile time 11.17 am. 2 and 8. Moon Saturn VishaYog means delay. Answer is No. Job letter may be delayed or may not come at all. Birth Story of Rahu & Ketu
– My mother is hospitalised in ICU. How will be the health ? Mobile time 09.22 am. See here 22 means 4 and its Rahu so condition fluctuating or unstable. But here Question has 9 means Mars is present so she will be operated and will be Ok.
– I love a Girl. Whether she also loves me madly ? Mobile time 08.14 am. Answer is No. She has double mind and bit calculative. Also confused. Mercury.
– I have done MBBS and now for post graduation what is best for me ? Surgical or Non surgical ? Mobile time 4.03 pm. 4 Rahu shows confusion in the decision. Answer has 3 means Jupiter. Jupiter is the best adviser. No Mars or Ketu so Non surgical.

See these are some sample questions to understand as to how to find answers from the minutes. 2018 Yearly Horoscope Aries Sign

My some Observations in practice.

If 8 number present in Minutes. Delay, obstacles and sometime negative answer.

If 4 number present in Minutes. Result is uncertain. One is in illusion. False hopes. Sudden unexpected result.

If 3 number present in Minutes. God will bless. Good hopes and if court matter then Compromise. Result is good.

6 number also good for success, harmony and fast recovery

Always remember that do not use this method in your day to day routine questions coming in your mind. This is a devine science and it should be given due respect. This method will sure help you if somebody asks you a question. You can also use this method for yourself in emergency. Saturn Transit 2020 for Aries

I will conclude with my own atual experience. One day I was going to Railway station by auto and reservation was not confirmed. My waiting list was WL 67. It was vacation time so chances of confirmation were remote. I had a flash in my mind whether I will get a seat. I just saw the time in mobile. It was exact 8.33 pm. 8 means worry in question. Jupiter was doubled in minutes and total was 6, the number of Venus (comforts). I was relaxed. A special extra coach was added in the train and most of the wait listed were accommodated.

I am using this snap shot method since couple of years and getting success. We have to consider the characteristics of planets and use our intellect. Practise will make you master. No where I have read this method. I must tell here that this is my own research whether one believe it or not. Thats why I titled CT ( Clock Time ) Method.

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