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Want to contribute an astrology article to one of the best astrology communities in the world? is one of the top Vedic astrology websites. Our website has wide reached across the world. Submit the quality astrology articles to our websites and showcase your astrology experience and work to the world.

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Before you submit the guest post at, read these guidelines to ensure that your post gets approved.

To become regular contributor at,

You have to be an astrologer, Tarot reader, Palmistry, Numerologist, Vaastu expert, Feng Shui, Gems expert or experts in any other occult subject.

Please remember the below points before submitting your posts.

Article Quality:

  • Write an original article’s topic related to Vedic astrology, Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology, Vaastu, Feng Shui, Gems or any other occult subjects.
  • Articles should be a minimum of 700 words.  Add images in the post as necessary.
  • If you are a video blogger, you can submit your video to “VedicAstrologyLessons” YouTube channel. Just create a video, drop me an email, and I will tell you how to submit videos.

Terms and Conditions

  • reserves the right to publish or reject any article.
  • There is no compensation or payment for any article published.
  • reserves the right to edit an article or remove article at any point in time.
  • The article once published cannot be removed even after you are not longer a member of


We respect everyone’s work. In case we find out that you have copied a post from somewhere else, you will get an instant ban and immediate removal of all your blog posts and profile from Also, by submitting a post to, you give us copyright ownership of the post. This helps us to deal with any DMCA related issues.


Comments are the conversations about your published article. Answer any queries related to your article via the comments. This will give you more exposure and help out your readers.


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If you have read and understood all of the guidelines, Copyright Infringement, Term, and Conditions mentioned above, here is how you can submit the article.

Send your astrology/Numerology/Vaastu/Tarot  article to

If your article is approved, we will create a brand new guest author profile for you & you can submit your astrology articles from dashboard.

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