Corona Virus and Astrology Prediction

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There were lots of queries by many people regarding the Corona Virus and its End . So we tried to find out all possible ways to answer out in a much simple way to make everybody understand.

The Astrological effects are explained in a much simpler way.

Past Transition of Rahu & Ketu

On 7th March 2019 there as Rahu and ketu Transition to Zodiac Gemini and Sagittarius respectively. Their transition for 18 months i.e. till 23rd September 2020. The transition of planets will be in Zodiac Signs and as well as in Nakshatras also. The Nakshatras in which the transition are made by Rahu and Ketu are Punarvasu to Adra (i.e Cancer to Gemini) and Moola (Sagittarius)

So these Zodiac signs and Nakshatras both are under malefic effects of Rahu and Ketu. And Now the body parts associated with these Zodiac Signs and Nakshatras will be under the influence of Rahu & Ketu as well.

Body parts associated with Zodiac Signs & Nakshatras

Gemini :- Indicates Trachea, Oesophagus, Upper respiratory Tract , Shoulder, Arms , Fingers.

Sagittarius:- Lower Spine, Sciatic Nerve, Hip Joints and Thighs.

Adra Nakshatra :- represents to Hairs, scalp.

Punarvasu Nakshatra: – Fingers

Moola Nakshatra: – Feet

Representation and Meaning of Zodiac Signs

Now, for zodiac Gemini The lord is Mercury or Buddha which represents or indicates the greenery, forests or the surroundings and environment and Air we live in.

Also, For Zodiac Sign Sagittarius the lord is Jupiter which represents life, living being, new birth.

Rahu indicates fame, greed, dementia, mass diseases, and obsessive behaviour. The nature of this Planet is Vatta or Airy . He is also the signification of Harsh Speech, logical fallacy, falsehoods, dirtinessness, poisonous bites ,cholera, dysentery, skin diseases, fears, and phobia .

*Its Direction is North West.

It is believed that Planet Ketu extends its influence on the soles of the feet. This is treated as an indication of numerous possibilities, such as diseases related to skin, death, hunger, accidents. Joint pains, conspiracy etc. Its nature is Pitta i.e watery.

Effects of Transition throughout the year from March 2019 till present

Since Gemini indicates to Air after Rahu transition to Zodiac Gemini there were huge problems related to Aircrafts and Air companies. Conspiracies amongst the countries specially Pakistan and China to India.

Also, Ketu transit to Sagittarius where already Saturn was present, represent Firey Sign so all over there were accidents, fire incidents, border firing issues.

Now on 4th November 2019, the Jupiter transits to its own house i.e Sagittarius . Here it made a conjunction with Ketu. In Astrology its believed that Jupiter + Ketu conjunction give rise to a new mysterious species or disease which has a power to produce malefic effects to the surroundings or threat to environment and world. And we encountered the first case of Corona Virus in the month of November 2019 in China from Zuhan which is in North west direction from India.

Further, on 26th December 2019 ,there was a solar Eclipse , i.e. astrologically Sun + Rahu = Surya Grahan, The Rahu consumed all the positive energies of Sun , and spreads its own negative power throughout the world and suddenly this disease spread as an epidemic. This Eclipse or Surya Grahan called as Shasht Grahan because six planets Sun+Moon+Saturn+Mercury+Jupiter+Ketu were together and so have their own malefic effects. And even we suffered in our share markets; Companies face losses and depreciation in shares and bonds.

Astrologically we believe that the origin of virus takes place due to the strong influence of Rahu. The Gemini is suppose to be the exalted Zodiac of Rahu so the powerful. And all the malefic effects related to Zodiac signs and Nakshatras badly affected by the Rahu & Ketu as well .( Already Mentioned above)

Present Conditions of World

This Corona Virus is made under conspiracy for the whole world to get shattered by its effect. It not only affected lives but economy too .The virus spreads through the exposed part of our body i.e Hands and Feet and affects our respiratory system as well.

The Number of cases is increasing rapidly and death trolls are rising gradually.

Corona Prediction Articles

Up Coming Transitions and their effect in Corona Virus

On 29th March 2020 there is transition of Jupiter to Zodiac Sign Capricorn where already Mars & Saturn are present. Now Jupiter in conjunction to Mars+ Saturn will form a ‘ Neech Bhang Raj Yog’ and weakens the strength of Corona Virus.

On 13th April 2020 Sun transit to its exalted state into Aries and becomes Mighty and will surely help us to find the cure of Corona Virus. The world will be able to find out the possible medication and anti-dote for it. Most probably the cure will come from the North-west direction to India.

Gradually by 20th April 2020 there will changing of Rahu Nakshatra and change of weather condition and step-by-step there will be improvement in the cases.

23rd Sept 2020- Ketu transition to Zodiac Sign Scorpio which move Ketu from Moola nakshatra and hence there will be end of Corona Virus from the world.

Vedic Yogas

Astrological Remedies

  1. Nav Grah Vedic Beej Mantra Recitation ( Each Planet Mantra for 108 times or 1 Mala)
  2. Lit Cowdung , Guggal, Lobhan, Camphor, Dry Neem Leaves, Cloves together and spread it all over the house to remove the negative energies and to pure the surrounding air.
  3. Worship Lord Shiva and can recite ‘ Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra’ as much as possible.
  4. Lit a Mustard oil Deepak made of flour and kept it outside home during ‘Rahu Kalam’ daily.
    (Rahu Kalam time can be easily available in Panchang’)
  5. Feed food to Cows and dogs available in streets from a safer distance.

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