Dasas (major periods) of planets and their effects

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Dasas Major Periods and their effects – Vedic Astrology Lessons

3. Now is described the method of finding the remainder of the dasa of

planet at the time of birth. Find out the nakshatra in which the Moon is posited at

birth and for how many ghatikas it will remain after birth in that nakshatra.

Multiply those ghatikas by the total period of the dasa and divide it by 60. The

quotient will represent the period in years still to elapse. Any remainder remaining

may be converted into months by multiplying by 30 and dividing by 60 and so on.

Notes — This is clarified below by an example. Suppose at the time of birth

20 ghatikas were still to elapse in Punarvasu nakshatra. Birth in Punarvasu means

that the dasa in operation would be of Jupiter. How much of Jupiter remains at the

time of birth.

20*16/60 = 16/3 = 5 years 4 months.

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There is some difference of opinion between the author of Phala deepika and

other authorities about the method of above calculation. Accordingly in Shri

Mantreshwara every result is to be divided by 60 but according to other authorities

the division should be done by the whole measure.

(1) The generally recognised method

Add the ghatikas elapsed of the nakshatra and those still to elapse. Thus we

get the total number of ghatikas of the nakshatra. Mark these ghatikas as ‘A’.

Mark the ghatikas still to elapse as (B). Now suppose the birth has

taken place in the dasa of Jupiter, then the remainder of the dasa of Jupiter at

birth will be calculated as under:

: If in A the dasa period is 16 years

: In 1 it will be — 16/A

: In B it will be — (16/A)*(B/1)

The result of this calculation will indicate the years, months, days etc., of the

remainder of the dasa at birth.

(2) Method of calculation according to Shri Mantreshwar —

(16/A)*(B/1) years.

The difference is that in this method the total number of ghatikas are not

taken into account. ‘A’ or the total numbner of ghatikas is always taken as 60. The

remainder of the dasa only the basis of ‘B’.

This in our view is not correct as the total number of ghatikas are not always 60.

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Now-a-days the easiest method of the remainder of the dasa accordingly is

based on the longitude of the Moon 3-13°-12′ (Cancer 13°-12′). Cancer is

composed of one quater or 3°-20′ of Punarvasu, four quarters of Ashlesha. As the

longitude of 13°-12′ in Cancer, it has passed the fourth quarter of Punarvasu in this

sign and is in Pushyami nakshatra. To find out how much it has moved in

Pushyami we will deduct 3°-20′ of Punarvasu from the Moon’s 13°-12′. Thus the

balance will come to 9°-52′. The extent of the whole of Pushyami is 13°-20′. The

lord of this nakshatra is Saturn whose total dasa period is 19 years. Therefore 13°-

20′ being equal to 19 years, 9°-52′ will be equal to 14 years 0 months of 22 days.

This indicates that the 14 years and 22 days are observed over at birth and that

would remain at credit at birth will be 19 years minus 14 years 22 days, that is, 4

years 11 months and 8 days.

All these detailed calculations will be avoided if we obtain the balance of

dasa at birth on the longitude by referring to ready made tables in Lahiri’s annual


4. Note the exact position of the Sun in the Zodiac at the time of birth when

the Sun in his next round arri1c.

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9. Effects like acquisition of wealth through fire, fighting etc., gain of money

by administering falsehood, cheating and cruel actions, suffering always form

bilious complaints, impurity of blood and fever, intrigues with low class women,

quarreling with his wife, children, relatives and elders and misery caused by it, and

enjoyment of fortune of others, will be experienced in the dasa of Mars.

10. Effects like meeting with friends, happiness, admiration from learned

persons, acquisition of fame, beneficience by preceptors, eloquency in speech,

helping others, happiness to wife, children, friends and relations are experienced in

the dasa of Mercury.

11. Effects like involvement in religious affairs, birth of children or

happiness in respect of children, honour from the king, praise by distinguished

persons, acquisition of elephants, horses and other conveyances, fullfilment of

one’s ambitions and cordial relations with wife, children and meeting freinds, will

be experinced in the dasa of Jupiter.

12. Effects like obtaining of materials and facilities for his sport and

happiness, acquisition of good vehicles, cows, precious stones, ornaments, a

treasure, enjoyment in association with young women, intellectual pursuits.

Journey by sea (or river), conferment of honours by the king and celebration of

auspicious funcitions in the house, will be derived in the dasa of Venus.

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13. Effects like his wife and children suffering from gout, rheumatism or

similar diseases, loss in agriculture, evil talk, intercourse with wicked women,

desertion of servants, separation from wealth, will be realised by the native in the

course of the dasa of Saturn.

14. There will be during the dasa of Rahu danger from the king, thief,

poison, fire and weapons, distress to children mental tension, loss of kinsmen,

humiliation from low caste people, loss of reputation, failure and losses in all

ventures and demotion in status.

15. Rahu’s dasa will be full of auspicious effects if Rahu be associated with a

benefic or be posited in an auspicious house. The native will enjoy the spendour

like that of a king. He will achieve success in all his ventures and will live happily

in his house. He will accumulate lasting wealth and his fame will spread far and

wide on the Earth.

16. It is the view of those learned in Astrology that Rahu in Virgo, Pisces or

Scorpio will give the person concerned during his dasa, honour and happiness,

lordship of lands, conveyances and servants. All these will, however, be liable to

be lost at the conclusion of the dasa.

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17. Effects like danger from enemies, thieves, wrath of the king, fear of

injury from weapon, diseases caused by heat, a stigma to family of the native, fear

from fire, deportation from the native place as a result of some serious accusation.

Notes — In verses 5 to 17 the effects of the dasa of the Sun, the Moon,

Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in their usual order have been described

in a general way.

Now in verses 18 to 26 the effects of the dasa of all the planets have been

described again but they are in the order prescribed under the Vimsottari dasa


It appears that the effects given in verses 5-17 are such as could be ascribed

to the other dasa systems also.

There are some peculiarities in the Vimsottari dasa syatem, as the effects of

the dasas of planets will be governed by the rules laid down by Parasara. Under

these rules the lord of the 11th house (the house of gains) has been termed as papi.

Not only that the lord of the 3rd and 6th also have been allotted that same title. The

lord of the 3rd is the least papi and the lord of the 11th the biggest papi. Another

rule is that if a benefic be the lord of a kendra, he does not produce benefic effects,

and if the lord of a kendra be malefic, he does not produce inauspicious effects.

Therefore the effects given in verses 5-17 should not apply to Vimsottari

dasa system.

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18. General effects like acquisition of wealth through cruel actions or

through kings or through fighting, buring in eyes, abdominal and dental disorders,

serious trouble to wife and children, loses of servants, and wealth, separation from

reverred elders and parents, will be dertvded during the dasa of the Sun.

Notes — In our view these effects will be experienced if the Sun is not

auspiciously disposed in any nativity. The Sun will definitely produce very good

results, if he is well phased. For example, in an Aries Langna nativity Sun as the

lord of the 5th or in Sagittarius Lagna chart Sun as lord of the 9th in the 9th or 10th

will raise the native to dizzy heights.

19. The general effects that will be experienced during the dasa of the Moon

will be gain of wealth through the mantras (hymns) and the beneficance of deities,

Brahmins and the king, acquisition of wife, wealth, and agricultural land, gain of

flowers, clothes, ornaments, and objects of enjoyment of various tastes. There will

be animosity with wicked people, loss of wealth and suffering from Rheumatism.

Notes — In this verse both auspicious and inauspicious effects have been

described of the dasa of the Moon. The good effects should be retained if the Moon

be endowed with strength, be auspiciously posited and be lord of a favourable

house. The adverse effects will be felt if the Moon be weak or be unfavourably


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Mars Dasas Periods and their effects

20. During the dasa of the Mars there will be, on the part of the native,

efforts to earn money through lands, litigation and the king. He will acquire

agricultural lands and cattle. There will be enmity with his son and brothers and he

will be attached to women of ill fame. He will suffer from impurity of blood,

diseases arising from heat and loss through fire. There will also be loss of wealth.

21. General effects like becoming wicked in disposition, suffering from a

dangerous disease, destruction of wife and children of the native, fear or danger

from poison, distress or trouble from enemies, diseases of the eye and heart,

animosity with friends and servants working on agricultural land and animosity

with the king, will be experienced when the dasa of Rahu be in operation.

Notes – Rahu and Ketu are shadowy planets. They are said to give effects

according to the houses they occupy according to the planets they are associated

with According to Laghu Parasari.

That is, if Rahu or Ketu be posited in kendra or trikona and be connected

with the lord of kendra or Trikona, they cause yoga which means they become

yogakarakas. Rahu or ketu will definitely produce immensely good results when

his dasa be in operation. Lagna Parasari goes to the extent of Saying.

This means that if Rahu arid ketu are well placed (i.e. in the langa, the 5th or

9th) give the effects of a yogakaraka planet in the an tar dasa of yogakaraka

Irrespective of the fact whether they are connected or not with a yogakarka planet.

See also in this connection what has been said about the effects of Rahu if he

is well disposed in verse 15th of this Chapter.

22. Acquisition of new clothes, and such other objects, servants, retinue and

similar grandeur, commanding great respect and dignity, birth of children, gain of

wealth and friends, receipts of admiration for the eloquence of his speech, will be

the good effects when the dasa of Jupiter be in operation. The evil effects of dasa

will be separation from elders, ear disease and phelgmatic troubles.

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23. The general effects during the dasa of Saturn will be acquistion of wealth

consequent of the war or disturbances of the country, acquisition of servants and

old women, cattle like buffaloes, and bulls, trouble to wife and children, suffering

from windy diseases like rheumatism, gout etc., phlegmatic diseases, piles and

burning in hand and feet.

24. During the dasa of Mercury the native will get the benefit of learning

from preceptors or will himself become a very learned and influential preceptor.

There will be gain of agricultural lands, cows and horses and money from

Brahmins. He will get into association with persons of high status. He will worship

gods and acquire immense wealth. He will suffer from wind, heat and phlegm.

25. During the dasa of Ketu the native will suffer from sorrow and confusion

caused by females, trouble from the rich and loss of wealth. He will do injustice to

others. He will be banished from his country (native place). He will suffer from

dental trouble, pain in the legs and phlegmatic troubles.

Notes – Please see our comments under verse 21 about the effects of the dasa

of Rahu.

26. Acquisition of wife, jewels, cloths, lustrous gems, concealed treasure,

wealth, ornaments, horses, conch, etc., gain of money from trade, agricultrual

pursutis, export and import of goods, separation from elders (like parents), loss of

peace of mind and distress to kinsmen, will be the general effects experienced

during the dasa of Venus.


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