Different Types of KaalSarpa Yoga |kalasarpa dosha |Kala Sarpa Yoga in Vedic Astrology

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Different Types of KaalSarpa Yoga |kalasarpa dosha |Kala Sarpa Yoga 

  1. From lagna to seventh house the planets are (Ravi,Chandra,Kuja,Budha,Guru,Sukra and Sani) are placed between Rahu and Ketu is know Ananta Kala Sarpa Dosham.

EFFECTS: Troubles in family life, and chronic health problems.

2.From Second house to seventh house if these planets are placed it is known as GULIKA KALASARPA DOSHAM

EFFECTS: Financial and domestic troubles.

  1. From third house to ninth house, it is known as VASUKI KALA SARPA DOSHAM.

EFFECTS: Problems with brothers and sisters

4.From Forth house to tenth house, it is known as SANKAPALA KALA SARPA DOSHAM.

EFFECTS; Problems with mother, vehicles and at residence.

  1. From Fifth house to eleventh house, it is known as PADMAKALA SARPA YOGAM.

EFFECTS: Problems with spouse/husband and with children.

6.From Sixth house to twelfth house it is known as MAHA PADMA KALA SARPA DOSHAM.

EFFECTS: Health problems, debts, problems with enemies.

  1. From seventh house to lagna, it is known as TAKSHAKA KALA SARPA YOGAM.

EFFECTS: Loss in business and problems in matrimonial life.

  1. From eight house to second house, it is known as KARKOTAKA KALA SARPA YOGAM.

EFFECTS: Problems with wife and accidents.

  1. From ninth house to third house, it is known as SANKACHOODA KALA SARPA YOGAM.

EFFECTS: Problems with father, heavy bad luck etc.,

  1. From tenth house to fourth house, it is known as GHATAKA KALA SARPA YOGAM.

EFFECTS: Problem in business and job fonts.

  1. From eleventh house to fifth house, it it known as VISHADHARA KALA SARPA YOGAM.

EFFECTS:: Problems in financial business terms.

  1. From twenth house to sixth house, it is known as SESHANAGA KALA SARPA YOGAM.

EFFECTS: Mounting expenditure and severe problems with enemies.


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