Diseases, Death, Past and Future births prediction in Vedic Astrology – Part1

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This chapter deals with planetary dispositions about diseases, death,
previous births and future births.

1. All matters relating to diseases should be ascertained from (a) the planets
in the 6th house, (b) the planets in the 8th house (c) the planets in the 12th house,
(d) the lord of the 6th house and (e) the planets associated with the lord of the 6th
house. The particular disease may be predicted if the same happens to be indicated
by two, three or more independent planetary dispositions.

2. The Sun is the significator for following diseases and troubles (1) bile, (2)
high fever, (3) burning in the body, (4) epilepsy, (5) heart diseases, (6) eye troubles
(7) stomach troubles, (8) skin diseases (9) lecorrhea, (10) danger from enemies,
(11) danger from wood, fire, weapon and poison, (12) distress from wife and sons,
(13) danger from thieves or quadrupeds, (14) danger from snakes (15) danger from
the king, the God Yama and God Shiva.

3. The Moon’s significations in this chapter are (1) Excessive sleepiness or
sleeplessness, (2) laziess, (3) phelgmatic affliction, (4) dysentry or diarrhoea, (5)
carbuncle, (6) typhoid fever, (7) danger from horned or watery animals or
creatures, (8) loss of appetite, (9) indigestion (10) tastelessness, (11) trouble from
women (12) jaundice, (13) impurity of blood, (14) danger from water, (15) mental
fatigue (16) fear from Balagrahas, the Goddess Durga. kinnaras, the God yama,
snakes, and female Yaksha.

4. Mars can be the cause of following diseases and troubles (1) Excessive
thirst, (2) morbid irritation due to billious fever, (3) fear or danger from fire, poison
or weapon, (4) leprosy, (5) eye trebles, (6) appendicitis, (7) epilepsy, (8) injury to
the marrow, (9) itch in the body, (10) roughness of the body, (11) bodily
deformities, (12) fear from the king, fire and thieves, (13) quarrels with brothers,
sons or enemies, (14) fighting with the enemies, (15) diseases in the upper part of
the body and (16) fear from evil spirits, gandharva and frightful demon.

5. Mercury is concerned with the following diseases and troubles (1) mental
confusion (2) harsh speech or trouble in vocal organs, (3) eye troubles, (4) diseases
of the throat, (5) trouble in the nose or nasal affliction, (6) fever caused by
imbalance of the three humours — wind, bile and phlagm, (7) ill effects from
poisoning (like food poisoning), (8) skin diseases, (9) jaundice, (10) itchning and
bad dreams, (11) fear from fire. (12) hard labour, (13) diseases or evil caused by
gandharvas etc.

6. Jupiter is responsible for the following diseases and troubles (1)
Appendicitis, (2) fever due to infection in intestines, (3) fainting, (4) diseases of
the ear, (5) troubles in connection with temple matters, (6) Distress due to curse of
Brahmin (7) troubles due to hoarded wealth, (8) oppression caused by Vidyadhara,
Yakhsa, kinnaras, Gods, Serpents etc. (9) Punishment due to show of disrespect to
preceptor, respected and elderly persona and deviation from duty towards them.
This is suffered during the Antar Dasa of Jupiter. This is so determined by the

7. The diseases and troubles caused by Venus are as follows-(1) Pale
complexion due to Anaemia, (2) Eye troubles, urinary obstruction, diabetes,
diseases of the generative organs due to imbalance of phlegm and wind, (4) lack of
vitality, (5) inability to have sexual inter course (impotency), (6) Pale complexion,
lack of lustre and weakness due to excessive indulgence in sexual intercourse, (7)
rickets, (8) fear from witches, female ghosts and female deities (9) break in
friendship with dear friends.

8. Saturn is likely to be the cause of the following diseases and troubles (1)
diseases caused by wind and phelgm, (2) Pain in the legs or becoming lame, (3)
fatigue due to excessive labour, (4) mental aberration, (5) Stomach ache, (6)
Excessive heat in the body, (7) troubles from servants, (8) distress due to wife and
children, (9) injury to some part of the body, (10) mental anguish (11) oppression
by ignominious goblin and the like, (12) injury from a blow from a piece of wood
or stone (13) misfortune.

9. The diseases and troubles attributed to Rahu are as follows : (1) Heart
diseases, (2) theart of burning, (3) leprosy, (4) abarration of mind, (4) diseases
caused by poisoning, (5) pain in the legs or injury, (6) distress from wife and
children or distress caused on their account, (7) trouble from goblins, serpents or

Ketu is the cause of (1) Trouble through dispute with Brahmins and

The troubles due to Gulik are (1) fear from seeing dead bodies (2) poison,
(3) bodily pain, (4) sorrow due to the death of a near relation, (5) fear from evil

10. If the Moon and the Sun occupied the 2nd and 12th houses associated
with or aspected by Mars and Saturn, the native will suffer from eye diseases.

Notes – If the planetary disposition described above is concerned with the
12th house, the left eye will be affected. Similarly if any amongst the Sun and the
Moon is posited in the 2nd or the 12th house and is aspected by Saturn or Mars,
such Sun or Moon is in the 2nd house, the right eye will get afflicted. The left eye
will be adversely affected if their disposition be in the 12th house. If the Sun be in
the 2nd aspected by or associated with Mars or Saturn and the Moon be in the 12th
aspected by or associated with Mars or Saturn, both the eyes will get afflicted and
may even make the native blind.

If the 3rd and 11th houses and Jupiter be associated with or aspected by
Mars or Saturn, the native will suffer from diseases of the ears.

The native will suffer from stomach ache if the Mars be posited in the 5th
house and be associated with the lord of the 6th or the 8th house.

Rectal disease, will be caused to the native if the lords of the 6th or the 8th
house be posited in the 7th with a malefic or the lord of the 6th be in the 8th
alongwith a malefic.
Venus under the above condition will make the native suffer from a disease
in the private parts (veneral diseases).

11. If the 6th or 8th house be occupied by the Sun, there would be fear of
fever, if by Mars or Ketu, the danger will be from injury or ulcer; if by Venus, it



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