Eclipse impact on 12 horoscope houses

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Effects of Eclipse in 12 Houses of Horoscope

1) First House – An eclipse falling in the ascendant will bring changes in physical make-up. The native becomes accident prone and will have several. One may be involved in an automobile accident and other may slip at home and meet a bone fracture. Such accidents come in rapid succession, though nothing serious, but enough to cause worry. Just to walking down the, street becomes a problem. If the eclipse is in favorable aspects, it will bring him personal elevation that is lasting and durable. He will meet success in whatever he will do at the time.

2) 2nd House: Second house of Horoscope relates to finances and possessions. If favorably expected at an eclipse, it will not only enhance the person’s assets but will also provide an additional source or sources of earning. This is good time to try his luck at speculation. Naturally, adverse aspect would indicate loss of finances or failures at financial ventures remember to watch when a planet by degree transits an eclipse point, for all squares and oppositions will act in a negative manner, while the sex tile and trines will bring favorable events financially in his life.

3) 3rd House – A favorably expected the person will find relatives, communications and the whole environment in harmony. The mail will be full of good and promising news. The adverse aspect may cause him unpleasant and tiresome journeys. Close relations will become the source of worry and will always demanding much to his dismay. The mail may be delayed or wrongly.

4) Fourth House-If Favorable expected, the native will enjoy domestic and happiness. Family members and parents will become the source of joy to him. Adversely accepted will cause upheaval in the domestic life and a parent will become a great burden or problem to him. If he is in advanced years, there will be much misery and unhappiness for the rest of the life.

5) Fifth House: If favorably expected, will bring pleasurable and enjoyable associations in to the native’s life and children will become the source of happiness. Some sort of recognition or elevation will come to his children, if adversely accepted, children will become the cause of sorry and suffering to him. It may have some disappointments in his emotions in life. If the native is female and she is of a romantic age, many suitors will be attracted towards her. Investments will bring nothing but grief and any sort of speculation will end in heavy losses.

6) Sixth House – Sixth house “rules over health, employment and services. If favorably expected, it will bring flavor and improvement in these departments of the personal life but with the adverse aspect, he can be sure of some indisposition. Many times, the adverse aspect finds employees hard to handle or employer will be too demanding. He must respect his food habits and must consult the physician even for minor complaints.

7) Seventh House – Seventh House denoting parents, marriage and business. Unions and open enemies and are brought to for at eclipse time. If favorably expected, there will be co-operation from the parents and social contacts will be pleasing. If adversely accepted, the person will have much bickering and unhappiness in his married life and business, partnership. He will just get along with other people unless he is careful. It may even evolve him in litigation and law suits. Contracts regarding marriage and business should be well studied before putting signatures on them.

8) Eighth House – Eighth House brings activity in other’s money. While a favorable aspect, securities and reserves will increase. He will get legacies and gifts, loans will be easily paid off. Insurance policies will get paid up. With adverse aspect, there will be drain on his reserve and he will undergo heavy debts. Liabilities will increase and taxation department can prove to be very troublesome for him at this time. There may even be death of some close relation.

9) Ninth House – Ninth House denotes travels and fortune. The favorable aspects will bring peace, prosperity with regard to his 9th House affairs. It will bring long journeys and travels in his life which is educational and full of pleasure. Adversely accepted, the eclipse here can bring trouble through religious or litigation, which may go against him. Many difficulties will be encountered in traveling to distant places. There will be difficulties and problems in all his enterprises and any amount of labor will not bear favorable results.

10) Tenth House – Tenth House denotes working conditions and professional activities. If favorably accepted, eclipse in this house will bring the native fame and elevation working conditions. Professional activities and worldly affairs will to his advantage. In the employment he can expect a rise and in business he will have expansion. If adversely accepted, he will be having nothing but trails and tribulations in his profession. Some times death of a parent or a separation from them may take place under adverse eclipse.

11) Eleventh House – Eleventh House denotes the hopes and wishes of native. It also rules over friends and associations. With favorable aspect the native will be surrounded by influential and sincere friends, who will extend full co-operation to enable him to realize his hopes and wishes even without his knowledge. The adverse aspect will bring him many difficulties through his friends and associates. He will be blamed for the incidents where he is least involved. He may be blackmailed, if contesting for any elected office. All the efforts will end in disappointment and failures.

12) Twelve House – This is the house of the residuals of past karmas and the house of sufferings and self undoing in this incarnation. So either he helps others or he gets helped by others. Under a favorable aspect, he will be the source of happiness and encouragements to the persons confined in hospitals. Institutes or jails. He will be more inclined to religion and spiritualism. Under adverse aspect, he may himself be subject to hospitalization, confinement or imprisonment. Financial loss through thefts etc. is also expected.

The major effects on individual may have from an eclipse depended upon where the eclipse falls in one’s Horoscope. An eclipse should not affect one particularly unless it makes some direct contact with the luminaries, planets. Moon’s Nodes or sensitive points. We have seen that the eclipse in conjunction with a natal planet weakens the effect of that planet as it cuts off the things signified that body in the radical map. If the person so afflicted does not compromise with the situation and attempts to force issue along lines indicated in that planet, he is just heading for the troubles.

Results of Eclipse and Kalasarpayoga are quite same. Astrologers can be a guide post in enabling us to note the adverse and favorable periods, so we may act and guide out lines accordingly. This may be a new phase to my friends but they may get excellent results by watching their own and others charts. It will pay rich dividends.



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