Economy Crisis in the world

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What does astrology predict about the economy of India after Corona?

Corona is also the play of Global destiny created by strong Rahu and weak Jupiter.

Jupiter is the natural ruler of 2nd and 11th house of Natural Zodiac . Therefore Jupiter is the planet of Money. Jupiter is the bank balance in the chart of a common man and Jupiter is the planet of profit in the chart of a business man. Jupiter is the planet of turn over of any business.

Strong Jupiter increases the flow of money in the market. Weak Jupiter creates money crisis.

Now let us see the present scenario. From 5 November 2019 Jupiter entered Sagittarius where Saturn and Ketu were already seated. Jupiter is not happy at all in this company. The result we witnessed in last 4 months. How economy of India is disturbed !!

From 24 January 2020 Saturn moved to Capricorn and Jupiter became sandwich between Ketu and Saturn. So position more worsened due to Corona Virus.

Now from 30 March to 30 June 2020 Jupiter will be debilitated in Capricorn. The worst phase of money crisis we will witness in this 3 months.

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To my view April is really worst and the time around 3 April will be much negative for world economy . Everything will be paralyzed. Share market will be in critical phase after 30 March .

Mars will enter Capricorn on 22 March and will aspect Sun Moon Saturn of the Independence chart of India so to my view, end of March and start of April is too much critical and will create Money crisis at Global level.

There is no end of financial crisis so long Ketu is in Sagittarius up to the end of September 2020.

The chart of Bombay Stock Exchange of 1st April 1979 also shows too much critical phase as was in 1992 2001 and 2008. Same planetary pattern is repeated till February 2021 in Bombay Stock Exchange chart. So we should avoid big risk in stock market now onwards .

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