Effect of Jupiter Transit 2020 to Capricorn

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Jupiter will enter Capricorn Sign on 20th of November 2020. He will join Saturn, who is already in Capricorn. Moon is also in Capricorn on that date. That means the effect of this Capricorn Jupiter will be more strong and effective on the earth.

Let us discuss the result of this Jupiter Transit 2020 in Capricorn.

Jupiter is the main ruler of Finance, Economy, Happiness of the people Money flow in the market, Education and Law. So all these will be affected heavily.

Jupiter will be debilitated whereas Saturn will be strong in Capricorn. The negative point is that Rahu will aspect the Jupiter so Jupiter will be in the negative connection of Saturn and Rahu.

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Effect of Jupiter Transit 2020

  1. US is under Gemini sign in the world map so after 20th November US will be badly affected. As per my calculations, this time power will be changed in US so it is quite possible that Mr. Donald Trump may lose his position this time. Since Jupiter is the ruler of public health in the country and when he is in 8th house in the aspect of Rahu may increase Corona virus patients again in US and the economy of the country will also be highly affected. So many people in US may lose their job. Gold prices will be increased. Oil prices will be decreased.
  2. Due to strong Saturn, Cold waves will be high this year so this time world will face too much cold waves in winter.
  3. In India also too much money crisis will be there in the market and job problems will also be there on the front. Small shopkeepers will face money problem and Online market will be more powerful. Multiplex theatres will suffer a lot and same with film industry. OTT platform will become more strong now onwards.
  4. Result of this Jupiter will be negative on Maharashtra Govt. This Govt will be in trouble in Capricorn Jupiter.
  5. Property market will also be down in this Jupiter.
  6. This Jupiter is negative for Mr. Mukesh Ambani. He may face some setback and also some health problems.

Jupiter will enter Aquarius on 6th of April 2021 so the above results will be more effective between 20 November 2020 to 6 April 2021.

I had already said earlier that Corona virus will be controlled only after 6th of April 2021.

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