Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016 for various Ascendant/Moon

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Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016

Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016: Aries (Mesha) Ascendant/Moon

Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016
Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016

The year will see Rahu in your 5th house. This will influence your children, your creative talents short term relationships and financial gains. Children may not be well behaved. They may turn argumentative, hard to control, too demanding and uncooperative.

The severity of these will be subject to your own expectation levels. You may notice that children begin to tell you some lies now. It’s better to give them some amount of freedom anyway so the problems can be reduced. Hence expect some changes in your children’s behavior for sure.

Financially this will not be a good time for going in for investments. Some of you who have already invested may have to wait for a year and a half more to book your profits. Those who have no option but to book profits now will make average to below average profits.

There may also be losses and some cheating. So financial matters need to be handled with a lot of caution. Avoid beginning any new investments now.

Those who are in the creative field will fare well if they are the non-traditional type. Traditional art will need some makeover to stay in business or suffer some kind of lack of importance.

Foreign art, fusion art and trying out some otherwise forbidden style of art will now take the center stage. So new and funky is what will find you success. Else, you could relax and wait for this transit to be over so you can get back to your roots.

Ketu will transit your 11th house. This is a very good transit for you. He will introduce you to new groups and friends who are spiritual. This may not turn you outright spiritual if you weren’t already. But it will certainly get you thinking about it. Your friends will be such so interactions will be a new experience for you. This is a very good transit for platonic friendships.

You can reap profits for some previous investments. New investments may not be advised now. Ketu will also bring wish fulfillment in the spiritual arena. If there were some pilgrimage tours which were on your wish list for a long time, they will come forth now. This will also bring journeys and picnics to enlightening places.


Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016: Taurus (Vrishabha) Ascendant/Moon:

Rahu will be in your 4th house from the end of January. Last year you might have had tricky situations in the matters of the heart. It must have felt like a business or trade rather than real involvement with sentiments in friendships and matters of the heart. Children must have been a source of worry. But now, the focus shifts to immobile assets and property matters.

Some of you tend to land in less profitable deals of property. Some of you might be cheated in the transactions. You need to be careful of people approaching you in confidence for signing contracts.

For some home, itself might become a cause of sentimental drain. For a few, there can be a kind of home confinement too. Beware of traffic and accidents. Some of you might disobey the traffic rules and your vehicles might be under the police scanner. Some of your vehicles might be stolen.

Some of you might be separated from your mother. Or the mother may develop the illness or need a surgery of some sort. Students will find it difficult to concentrate on studies. Youngsters might shun religion and traditions. Young and old might meet preceptors who might become a drain on finances. So stay away from false Gurus.

Ketu will transit your 10th house. This will boost your professional confidence. This will also bring you a lot of discretion in making crucial decisions. Success will come to you in matters involving higher intellect and strong decisions. You will also become famous for your grounded thinking and fair rules. This will also bring long distance travel opportunities for some of you.


Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016: Gemini (Mithuna) Ascendant/Moon:

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Rahu will transit your 3rd house in the beginning of the year. Last year he was in your 4th. This might have caused many bad results like misunderstanding with your mother, illness to the mother, problems with the house, not being able to stay at home etc.

But now it will change. Rahu in 3rd is a very good transit. Rahu will boost your confidence considerably. You will take all the bold decisions which you might have hesitated to take earlier. So this will be a good hurdle crossing transit for you.

There will be many memorable moments with your siblings. You will become very benevolent towards your siblings. This will make you a source of confidence for them too. There will be very hearty interaction with extended family too. You will be looked up to for advice and support. Social life will be good too. Finances will also become stable.

Ketu will transit your 9th house. This will bring you good luck but not really apparent to you. You will realize later that some things which happened had, in fact, happened for your own good, though when you are sailing through the situation, you may grumble. Some of you will have a divine will power due to which you will take some very crucial decisions in life.

These will only turn out to be the best thing you do with your life. Some of you may have some soulful conversations with your father or father figure. Some long-standing differences might be sorted out now.


Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016: Cancer (Kataka) Ascendant/Moon:

You begin the year with Rahu in your 2nd house. Rahu when in your 11th house had blessed you with a wonderful social life, friends, wish fulfillment and financial gains. But now all that will be taken away to an extent.

Your focus will not be on sorting out matters in your immediate family. Spouse and children, the financial security of your family will be the top most priority. There will be some difference of opinion with your spouse in these matters. But they will all happen for the good of all.

Students may have some difficulty in studies. They may feel some sort of frustration towards the academic schedules and system. This will also add to the already existing stress. For singles, financial difficulties will become the top most concern. Some of you may incur debts because of this.

Ketu transits your 8th house. This will be a period of turmoil for you. Your living partner might be scrutinized by you in a very detached manner. This transit indicates some karmic backlog which you will have to settle. It is to do with some deeply spiritual matter.

The incident that triggers this pay up will not be apparent in the beginning. But gradually you will realize you hardly had an option than to do what you did. And you will feel relieved that the burden is taken off your shoulders. Some of you may suffer from insomnia, problems of the digestive tract etc. Resort to meditation and yoga for maintaining good health.


Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016: Leo (Simha) Ascendant/Moon:

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Rahu was in your 2nd house last year. He gave you deep cuts on your pockets. There was a lot of unrest in the familial atmosphere too. But now rahu will transit your own sign. This can be a tricky situation. He will prompt you to get the hidden traits of you out. These are not necessarily the good part of you. It can be the dormant stubborn in you that comes out.

A rebellious you, an atheist you and a manipulator you might be trying hard from within to come to the surface. Take care that you don’t let the effect of this “special You” reach your near and dear ones. You might be branded for rest of your life.

Ketu will be in your 7th house. This will bring challenges to married life. Rahu, on one hand, will bring personal changes in you and Ketu on the other will make you reflect on your spouse and his or her personality. So now is a time for some big changes. Negativity is to be curbed else, there may be severe heartburns and very serious misunderstandings.

The same applies to friendships and partnerships. This is not a good time to start a new relationship. Existing relationships will see trouble. Those who are tying the knot will need to exercise caution in committing.

There may be some hasty decisions taken in commitments. Or some of you who were in committed relationships and partnerships might suddenly reconsider and withdraw the commitment. Some of you might become the victims of such decisions and might get left or dumped. Some business relationships which were going through rough waters might face the fear of termination.

It is best to let things take their course without too much intervention. Things will settle on their own. We are all going to be here after all. No one is running away anywhere.


Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016: Virgo (Kanya) Ascendant/Moon:

Rahu was in your own house last year. He might have shown to people a different you altogether. This was visible only to the ones who were very close to you. You might have become stubborn, rebel, sometimes very cunning as the situation demanded. This trait of you might have been a surprise to yourself. Now Rahu transits your 12th house from February.

He will cause some ailments, surgeries for some, a lot of restlessness and probably insomnia too. There may be relationships with base women. You might get cheated and trick in matters of finances and heart. Expenses will touch the roof. You may find yourself attracted to the foreign culture, foreign friends, foreign lands and everything out of tradition.

You will become an introvert. You will take a break from all the socializing. You will settle with a few friends and few hobbies. Expenses will mount. Some of you might develop some diseases of the abdomen. Some of you may undergo a surgery of some sorts. So this will be a complete converse of your life last year.

Ketu will be in your 6th house. This will bring changes to your circle of friends. You had a great socializing all the year. But now your social circle will include fewer people and the ones who are invariably spiritual. Though they may share some other interests, the spiritual inclination will be their main persona. This is also a good time to win over enemies, provided you take the wiser route to life. Else, there may be terrible break ups and termination of crucial friendships.

Health needs double caution as Rahu and Ketu both are afflicting your health zone. Finances will balance out as Rahu will bring expenses, Ketu will try to neutralize with some gains.


Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016: Libra (Tula) Ascendant/Moon:

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When the year begins, Rahu is in your 12th. This has brought unforeseen expenses. This also might have been a very quiet period of rest and inactivity in general. A few friends might have left you. Now Rahu transits your 11th house. This will be an excellent time socially. You will become a part of new groups. You will find a lot of new friends.

A lot of attention will be poured onto you. Many cross-cultural connections are possible. All platonic friendships will do very well. This is also a time for wish fulfillment. You ask and you can be very sure you will get it. There will also be financial gains from foreign sources and previous investments.

Ketu will transit your 5th house. This will bring frustration in children. Your relationship with children might be strained. You may develop some kind of detachment towards the problems concerning children. The detachment might be out of wisdom rather than out of lack of responsibility.

This will be the best time to train your children spiritually. You can read them mythological stories, enroll them in mediation courses, make them watch spiritual movies or shows. All this will work very well. This will be a bad time for relationships. Existing relationships will see distances. New relationships will not work in your favor. Some relationships might be terminated.

Higher intellect, intellectually challenging tasks, creativity will do very well. You may not be rewarded in kind for these. But you will certainly see a marked improvement in this field of your work or hobby.


Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016: Scorpio (Vrishchika) Ascendant/Moon:

The year begins with Rahu in your 11th house and transiting to 10th very soon. 11th transit was very good. It brought you great fulfillment in general. There were successful friendships formed too. You were quite active and busy socially. Now the good times continue. This is an excellent time for professional success.

Some of you will get chances to travel abroad. Some of you might get the long-awaited promotions or awards. Things seem to fall in your favor without any effort in job-related matters. This is also a good time for short term courses and skill enhancement courses. Gear up for a busy, vibrant life ahead full of visibility and fame.

Ketu transits your 4th house. This will bring some hurdles in matters related to home and immovable assets. Property deals may not work in your favor. But you will be tempted to go into the deals by advertising gimmicks. Vehicles bought now may not be worth the value. Or you may struggle to find some vehicles or conveyances at the required time. Carpools or cabs might pose a lot of problems.

For some of you, you may face misunderstandings with your mom. Some of you might experience some detachment with the mother or she might become detached towards matters related to you. Students will face hardship in studies. There will be unwanted journeys.


Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016: Sagittarius (Dhanu) Ascendant/Moon:

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Rahu was in your 10th last year. This year he will transit your 9th house. This will give you a raja yoga in the professional sphere. Rahu will bring some unforeseen luck. Events will turn in your favor automatically. You will reach fame without any effort on your side. You will feel all this was just due to you and the almighty is showering things on you now. Unexpected good events take place. Just sit back and accept the turn of events.

This might give you some overconfidence, but you need to be balanced, as the next transit of Rahu might just undo everything. So stay alerted and composed. Some of you might face misunderstandings with your father or elders. You may tend to drift away from tradition. This will cause unrest in the house. This will also bring a friction between preceptors, elders.

Ketu will transit your 3rd house. This will be a very good time for interaction with your extended family. You can look forward to some very good times spent with your siblings. Organize religious events or festivities and invite them over to your house. There will be a strange feeling of contentment in interactions with them.

You will also experience a surge of confidence. Those decisions which you were hesitant to take for a very long time, will now seem very easy to handle. There will be so much clarity in your dealings and hence you will be very confident in every move.
Social life will also pick up. Though you will be active, a sense of detachment will prevail in all your interactions. Financial stability will also come gradually.


Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016: Capricorn (Makara) Ascendant/Moon:

Rahu was in your 9th house last year. This was a raja yoga. Hence you had the luxury of good vehicles, position, fame etc. things just seem to automatically happen. When the year begins, Rahu will transit your 8th house. This will be a tricky period. Rahu in 8th house reflects some karmic backlog.

Hence this will be a time when you will be faced with some unforeseen difficulties which can only be attributed to karmic past. No amount of reasoning will help you understand the source of the problem and why should it happen to you. So just gear up for some losses emotionally and financially.

This will also bring challenges professionally. Some of you might have health issues. Pain or a surgery not ruled out in the body anywhere from the abdomen to knees. There will be a wave of dissatisfaction with your living partner. You might get a feeling of boredom with life in general. You might feel tired in general with everything. You may look for some changes in life.

Ketu transits your 2nd house. This will bring some challenging situations at home. Family life will face some hurdles in matters of principle. There might be some inconclusive arguments. These arguments will become very stressful if you take them too much to your heart. So it is better to just let go instead of arguing as these will not be settled. The differences are here to stay and teach you they will stay. So just need to accept them. Students may face stress concerning studies.

Finances will see challenges too. Financial help which was generally given to you will seem to be taken away. The sources of income will reduce or fail to give you the needed confidence. Students will experience boredom and frustration of some sort. This will teach some important aspects of life and they need to be learned. And it will all be fine. Things will change after the transit.


Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016: Aquarius (Kumbha) Ascendant/Moon:

Rahu was in your 8th last year. This was a stressful period for you. The matters that caused stress ranged from spouse, family to health and wellbeing. Now Rahu will transit your 7th house this year. This is again a tricky period. You may begin to notice how different you and your spouse actually are. You may become bold to point out the shortcomings of your spouse. Your critical views will annoy your spouse. This might have happened before too, but now you will not be afraid of expressing your opinion. You will also not be hesitant to criticize. Of course, this will not make things any easy. If you want to have it easy, curb your tendency to express and just walk away from the conflict.

Some of you might get tired of some old friendships and partnerships. Those associations which were strained from a long time will see a fear of termination. Those misunderstandings which were left undealt with from the past or those which were thought were simple, will now seem to be blown up. Things will simply seem out of control and seemed to have reached the tolerance level.

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Ketu will transit your own house. This will bring a complete lack of interest in worldly activities. Some turn spiritual, some just prefer to remain detached. This will be like you are taking a big break from all the social and personal activities. But this does not mean you are at peace necessarily. There will be a latent unrest within the mind which never seems to settle. Meditation will help.

This will add to the already existing unrest and resentment from Rahu. So this needs to be handled diplomatically. But no double standards need to be introduced. Else, everything will go down the drain. Wisdom is to be used for handling all the matters. they may seem not to help initially. But later you will feel thankful for the problems it saved you from.


Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016: Pisces (Meena) Ascendant/Moon:

Rahu will transit your 6th house in the beginning of the year. Rahu was in your 7th house. This would have brought some misunderstandings with the spouse. There might have been some major compromises that you had to make in order to stay in the partnership or relationship. Now when Rahu transits 6th, you will have a great amount of vitality. Enemies will be rendered completely powerless. All opposition will be crushed. Socially this will be a very active and colorful time too. Some cross-cultural connections are possible.

Business will see some overseas clients. The social network will widen and flourish. There will be fear of some ailments and a minor surgery is possible in the abdomen region. Health needs caution generally. Finances will attain stability.

Ketu in your 12th house will bring deep interest in spirituality. For some who are not a fancy of spirituality, this will bring the need to just detach from everything and stay by themselves. Some of you may leave home in the quest of answering your intuition. Some of you may just feel the need to be away from the crowd and even your own people in general. This period will make you a wanderer.

This will also bring expenses. These expenses might be related to spirituality like religious rituals or pilgrimage tours. Health needs caution. Meditation and spiritual interests will give the best results now.
Both Rahu and Ketu might affect your health. Hence a double caution for health is advised.

Source: Chiramsamskrutam


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