Effects of 10th House

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Effects of 10th House in Vedic Astrology Lessons

Effects of Karma Bhava / House

Effects of 10th House: 1. I now explain the effects of Karma house. Listen to these, o Maitreya, in the words of Brahma, Garga and others.

2. Paternal Happiness. If Karma’s Lord is strong and in exaltation, or in its own Rasi/Navamsa, the native will derive extreme paternal happiness, will enjoy fame and will perform good deeds.

3. If Karma’s Lord is devoid of strength, the native will face obstructions in his work. If Rahu is in an angle, or in a trine, he will perform religious sacrifices, like Jyotishtoma.

4. If Karma’s Lord is with a benefic, or be in an auspicious house, one will always gain through royal patronage and in business. In a contrary situation, only opposite results will come to pass.

5. Should Karma and Labha house be both occupied by malefics, the native will indulge only in bad deeds and will defile his own men.

6. If the Lord of Karma house is relegated to Randhr house along with Rahu, the native will hate others; be a great fool and will do bad deeds.

7. If Sani (Saturn), Mangal and Karma’s Lord are in Yuvati, as Yuvati’s Lord is with a malefic, the native will be fond of carnal pleasures and of filling his belly.

8-10 Should Karma’s Lord be in exaltation and be in the company of Guru (Jupiter), as Dharma’s Lord is in Karma the native will be endowed with honor, wealth and valor.

One will lead a happy life, if Labha’s Lord is in Karma and Karma’s Lord is in Lagna, or, if the Lord of Karma house is yuti with the Lord of Labha Bhava in an angle.

Should Karma’s Lord in strength be in Meen (Pisces) along Guru, the native will doubtless obtain robes, ornaments and happiness.

11. Should Rahu, Surya, Sani (Saturn) and Mangal be in Labha house, the native will incur cessation of his duties.

12. One will be learned and wealthy, if Guru (Jupiter) is in Meen along with Sukra (Venus), while Lagna’s Lord is strong and Chandra ( Moon) is in exaltation.

13. Should Karma’s Lord be in Labha (11th), while Labha’s Lord is in Tanu house (First house) and Sukra is in Karma, the native will be endowed with precious stones.

14. If the Karma’s Lord is exalted in an angle, or a trine and is yuti (Conjoined) with Guru, or receives a Drishti from Guru, one will be endowed with deeds.

15. Should Karma’s Lord be in Lagna along with Lagna’s Lord, as Chandra is in an angle, or in a trine, the native will be interested in good deeds.

16. If Sani (Saturn) is in Karma Bhava along with a debilitated Graha, while Karma Bhava in the Navamsa Kundali is occupied by a malefic, the native will be bereft of acts.

17. One will indulge in bad acts, if Karma’s Lord is in Randhr house (8th), while Randhr’s Lord is in Karm house with a malefic.

18. Obstructions to the native’s acts will crop up, if Karma’s Lord is in fall, as both Karma Bhava and the 10th from Karma Bhava have malefic occupations.

19-21. Combinations for Fame.

One will be endowed with fame, if Chandra is in Karma house, while Karma’s Lord is in a trine from Karma house and Lagna’s Lord is in Lagna’s angle. Similar effects will come to pass, if Labha’s Lord is in Karma Bhava, while Karma’s Lord is strong and gives a Drishti to Guru (Jupiter).

Fame will come to the native, if Karma’s Lord is in Dharma Bhava, as Lagna’s Lord is in Karma house and Chandra is in Putra house.

22. O excellent of the Brahmins, thus have been told about the effects of Karma house in a brief manner. Other related effects be guessed by you based on the relationship of the Lords of Lagna and of Karma house.

Kalyana Varma Saravali: Tenth House And Effects There of:

1. Sages have explained effects relating to the Signs coinciding with the 10th House, planets posited therein and planets Aspecting the 10th House. I shall now explain those results.

2. The 10th House counted from the stronger among the Ascendant and the Moon, is called Karma-sthana and, if the Lord of that (10th) House is with strength, the effects in regard to Karma will prosper. Otherwise, the same will decline.

3-6. The effects relating to the 10th House will depend on the nature of the Sign, viz. watery, biped, Aranya (like Leo), or Jangala (Centiped), the form of such Sign and the places indicated by such Sign. The 10th House should be carefully examined on these lines. The occupant of the 10th House counted from the Moon, or from the Ascendant will influence the livelihood of the native according to his (i.e. planet’s) nature and disposition.

7. In a previous Ch., results of placements of planets in the 10th House from the Ascendant have been explained, while dealing with angular positions of various planets. Now specially explained are with reference to the Moon.

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