Effects of Mahadasha and Antardasha of the various lords of houses in Birth Chart – Part 1

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Effects of Dasas of the lords of houses and their Antar Dasas – Tamil Jothidam Tips

1. This Chapter deals briefly with the effects of a planet as a result of his

lordship of a house, when he is strong, with the effects when he is weak and

consequent effects that one has to undergo under circumstances.

2. When the lagna is endowed with full strength, the native will during the

dasa of the lord of the lagna attain a position of eminence in the world and live

happily. His body will remain sturdy and healthy and he will have lustre in his

face. His prosperity will increase and his life will progress just as the Moon’s digits

in the bright half of the lunar month.

3. During the operation of the lord of the 2nd house, there will be acquisition

of family, good daughters, enjoyment of good food and earning of money through

lectures, eloquence of speech and consequent appreciation of the audience.

4. If the 3rd house and its lord be equipped with full strength, during the

dasa of the lord of the 3rd house, the native will receive full cooperation from his

brothers, he will receive auspicious news, he will have opportunity to exhibit his

courage and volour, become commander of an army and will attain honour. He will

receive support of the people and will become popular for his good quality.

5. If the 4th house be vested with maximum strength, effects like going good

to the relation, success in agricultural pursuits, happy relations with wife,

acquisition of a conveyance, agricultural lands, houses, wealth, attainment of a

higher status, will be experienced by the native during the dasa of the lord of the

4th house.

6. If the 5th house be bestowed with full strength, effects like birth of a son,

happy associations and relationship with kinsmen, becoming minister of a king,

conferment of honours, involvement in virtuous actions and praise for it from the

people and enjoyment of many kinds of delicious preparations shared with others,

will be derived during the dasa of the lord of the 5th house.

7. If the 6th be very strongly disposed, effects like overcoming the enemies

by his valour, remaining free from diseases, being generous and powerful, enjoying

his wealth, splendour and prosperity will be realised by the native during the dasa

of the lord of the 6fh house.

8. If the 7th house be endowed with full strength, during the dasa of the lord

of the 7th, the native will acquire new clothes and ornaments and will live happily

with his wife. His virility or physical strength will Increase and auspicious

functions like marriage etc., will be celebrated in his house. He will perform

pleasure trips.

9. If the lord of 8th house be vested with full strength, during his dasa period

the native will be able to clear all his debts. He will achieve progress in his

profession and other activities. All disputes with him will come to an end and he

will acquire buffaloes, goats and other cattle and servants.

10. If the lord of 9th house be fully strong, during his dasa, the native will

enjoy continuous prosperity, happiness and wealth alongwith his wife, sons, grand

children and relations, will perform meritorious deeds and receive royal favour and

will be respectful to Brahmins and gods.

11. If the 10th house and its lord have full strength, in the dasa of the lord of

the 10th house, the native will succeed in every venture he undertakes, and he will

live happily. He will earn name and fame and will attain good reputation. He will

involve himself in virtuous actions for which he receives humiliations.

12. In the dasa of a strong lord of the 11th there will be continuous growth in

prosperity. He will have meetings with his near relatives and will have the comfort

of many servants. There will be domestic happiness and great prosperity.

13. During the dasa of the lord of the 12th, the native will spend

extravagantly on good causes. He will perform meritorious acts and thus be free

from the evil effects of the sins committed. He will also be conferred royal


14. The good effects described above in verses 2 to 13 are derived only

when the lord of the house concerned is auspiciously disposed (not placed in the

6th, 8th, or 12th), is posited in his own sign or in his sign of exaltation or is

retrograde. The effects will be adverse if such a planet is inauspiciously disposed,

is in his inimical sign, in his sign of debilitation or is eclipsed by the Sun’s rays.

Now described below are the effects of the planet (lord of a house), who is not well


15. When the lord of the Lagna is badly placed, the native will be

imprisoned during his dasa. He will lead his life in cognito, will suffer fear,

diseases and mental anguish, will participate in funeral rites, will incur loss of

position and other misfortunes.

If the lord of the 2nd is in a similar position, the person conscemed during

his dasa will behave stupidly before an audiance, will not stick to his word or

family, write objectionable letters, will suffer from eye troubles, will have a harsh

tongue, incur lot of expenditure and will face displeasure of the king.

16. If the lord of the 3rd house be weak, there will be loss of brothers and

sisters during his dasa. His work will receive adverse criticism and he will be

harassed by secret enemies. The native will suffer from reverse and as a result will

be humiliated and lose his pride.

If the lord of the 4th house be weak, during his dasa the mother of the native,

his kinsmen and his friends will be distressed. There will be danger of destruction

of his house, agricultural lands and cattle and also danger from water.

17. If the lord of the 5th lacks strength and is badly placed, during his dasa,

the native will lose a son. He will suffer from aberration of mind, will be a victim

of deception and will wander here and there aimlessly. He will suffer from stomach

disorders, face wrath or displeasure of king and will feel physicially weak.

During the dasa of the lord of the 6th house who is deficient in strength,

there will be danger from thieves. He will face poverty, will be overpowered by

others and will suffer from diseases, will receive shabby treatment or indulge in

undesirable actions. He will serve others and suffer humiliation and loss of

reputation. He will have injuries in his body.

18. If the lord of the 7th be weak, during his dasa, the son-in-law of the

native will be in distress. The native will make separation from his wife and

something untoward will happen through the opposite sex and he will have affairs

with wicked women and will suffer from venereal diseases. He will be wandering


When the dasa of a badly placed and weak lord of the 8th house be in

operation, the person concerned will suffer from great sorrow, loss of intelligence,

intense sexual desire, jealousy, fainting fits, poverty, fruitless rambling, loss of

reputation, sickness and humiliation. Even his life may end during the dasa of such

a planet.

19. During the dasa of the lord of 9th house who is weak, the wife and

children of the native will be in trouble. He will suffer in many ways due to wrath

of deity that had been worshipped formerly. He will indulge in undesirable actions

and one of his elder brothers and his father may die and he himself may suffer

from penury.

When the lord of the 10th house be devoid of strength, during his dasa, the

native will face failure in all his undertakings and he will indulge in wicked

actions, he may have to live away from his homeland and may suffer distress on

that account. He will have to face untoward happenings and will incur loss of


20. If the lord of the 11th be adversely disposed and be weak, the brother

(elder) of the native will be in trouble. His son will be sickly, he (the native) will

suffer from misery, deception and ear diseases.

During the dasa of a weak lord of the 12th house, the native will suffer from

many diseases, dishonour and slavery. All his wealth will disappear like the

(waning) Moon in the dark half of the month.



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