Effects of Mahadasha and Antardasha of the various lords of houses in Birth Chart – Part 4

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Effects of Dasas of the lords of houses and their Antar Dasas – Tamil Jothidam Tips

55. The following planets cause great misery to the native —

(1) The planet posited in the 8th house.

(2) The planet who aspects the 6th house.

(3) The lord of the 8th house.

(4) The planet owning the decanate of the 8th house.

(5) The planet owning the sign occupied by Mandi.

From amongst the weakest will be capable of causing death of the native

during his dasa or antar dasa.

56. The dasa of a planet fallen from exaltation is termed Avarohini or

descending, while that of a planet in a friend’s house is named Madhya or

middling. The dasa of a planet proceeding from his debilitation is called Arohini or

ascending. The dasa of a planet that is actually in his depression or inimical

navamsa is termed, Adhama or worst

Notes — It has already been mentioned earlier at which degree of a sign a

planet is in deep exaltation and what degree of a particular sign the planet is in

debilitation. For example the Sun is in deep exaltation at 10 degrees of Aries and

he is in deep debilitation at 10 degrees of Libra. During the interval the Sun

proceeds from 10 degrees of Libra trowards to 10 degrees of Aries and until he

reaches there, he will be called Arohi or ascending. But the interval, the Sun after

reaching 10 degrees Aries proceeds 10 degrees of Libra and until he reaches there,

he will be termed as Avarohi or descending. The effects of the dasa of an avarohi

planet are bad, while the effects of an Arohi planet are good. But even if a planet

be Avarohi his dasa will be ordinarily favourable if he is posited in his exalted or

friend’s Navamsa, while even if a planet be arohi. If he be posited in his sign of

depression, in an inimical sign, in debilitated navamsa or in an Inimical navamsa,

his dasa will be Adhama or adverse.

57. Even if a planet be in his sign of debilitation or in his Inimical sign or be

eclipsed by the Sun’s rays, his dasa will produce mixed effects, if he occupies an

auspicious house or Navamsa and will be capable of giving good effects in the

latter half of the dasa.

58. Death of the relative signified by a particular house will take place In the

main dasa of the planet in the house 12th to that house or of the planet owning it,

whoever is weaker.

59. If the lord of the dasa in the course of his transit passes through the

lagna, the 3rd, the 6th, the 10th or 11th house reckoned from him or If the lord of

the dasa comes to the sapta varga places of the lagna, or when a friendly planet or a

benefic planet comes to the lagna, the Dasa will prove auspicious at that time i.e.

during the periods of transits mentioned above.

60. Note which planet’s dasa or antar dasa is in progress and where he is

situated in the course of his transit with reference to the natal Moon. The dasa or

antar dasa will produce good effects during the periods of the lords of the dasa or

in the course of his transit comes to auspicious places with reference to the natal

Moon and Dasa effects will be adverse if the lord of dasa comes to inauspicious

houses from the position of natal Moon.

61. The Moon produces beneficial effects when in the course of her transit,

she passes through (1) the friend’s house of the lord of the Dasa (2) the sign in

which the lord of the dasa is exalted and (3) houses 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11 from the

lord of the dasa.

62. In the favourable positions mentioned in the previous verse, the sign

occupied by the Moon should represent some one of the 12 house, lagna, wealth

etc., at the time of birth. The one of these favourable positions promotes the

prosperity in respect of the house represented by the sign occupied. In the

unfavourable positions, the house represented by the sign occupied by the Moon

suffers damage.

63. While assessing the various effects in a nativity it is admirable to study

the principles laid down in Saravali (by Kalyana Varma), Hora Shastra by

Varahamihira and the Nakshatra Dasa. While making such an assessment, careful

note should be taken of the planets with reference to the lagna at the time of query

or janma rasi (Moon sign) or Lagna at birth. There will not be much difference

between the Prasna Lagna and the Janma Lagna in the matter of making


Notes — Sloka 32. — It may be interesting to note why Jupiter has been

particularly mentioned for causing the death of the person when he transits through

the Rasi and the Navamsa occupied by the Lord of the eighth house or its

triangular position. The reader will note that Jupiter is the only planet who is

exalted in the eighth house from his own sign. It only shows the magnanimity of

the planet who is defined to exhibit his full lustre even when he is posited in a bad

house as the 8th house. This is because he is a Philosopher.

Sloka 41. — The Sun and the Moon are declared to be auspicious even when

they own the 8th house. i.e. for the people born in Makara and Dhanus they are

respectively auspicious. This is because the Sun becomes the creater for person

born in Makara, while the Moon becomes the owner of the house in which lord of

Dhauns (Jupiter) is exalted. It is therefore relevant that both these planets should

prove auspicous to persons torn In Makara Lagna and Dhanus Lagna respectively.

Sloka 54. — The lord of a Kendra and Kona is termed the Yogakaraka.



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