Guru Vimshottari Mahadasha | Effects of the Antardashas in the Mahdasha of Jupiter

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Effects of Sub-periods or antardashas of all planets under  Jupiter | Guru Vimshottari Mahasasha (Vedic Astrology Lessons)

Guru Vimshottari Mahasasha
Guru Vimshottari Mahasasha

planet jupiter in vedic astrology


Guru Vimshottari Mahasasha : 39. Dawn of fortune, increase in lustre, reverence from all sides, brith of a son, development of good qualities, honour from the king, association with one’s

preceptor and pious men and fulfilment of all ambitions, will be the characteristics

of the antar dasa of Jupiter in his own dasa.

40. Effects like association with prostitutes, taking alcholic drinks and such

other actions, reaching highter eminence, distress to members of the family and

cattle, extravagance, excessive fear, distress to children and eye troubles, will be

realised by the native in the antar dasa of Saturn in the dasa of Juptier.

41. Coming to grief through women, gambling and drinking, sickness

caused by the imbalance of three humours viz. bile, wind and phlegm will be the

effects according to one school of thought, in the antar dasa of Mercury in the dasa

of Jupiter. According to view taken by others during this antar dasa, the native will

engage himself in the worship of gods and Brahmins and acquisition of children,

wealth and happiness.

42. There will be wounds from weapons, animosity with servans, distress to

wife and children, trouble form bilious disorders, separation from elders and other

kinsmen and danger to one’s own life, in the antar dasa of Ketu in the dasa of


43. Acquisition of wealth, cattle, grains, wife, son, food, drinks, ornaments,

bead and articles of domestic use and enjoyment thereof and reverrence to gods

and Brahmins will be the auspicious features of the antar dasa of Venus in the dasa

of Jupiter.

44. Effects like victory over enemines, honour from the king, birth of

children and grandchildren, gains of wealth, acquisition of palanquin and horses,

and residence in a populous city with all comforts, will be derived in the antar dasa

of the Sun in the dasa of Jupiter.

45. Acquisition of many women, gain of wealth, worship of gods and

Brahmins, achievement of name and fame, gain from agricultural pursuit, profit in

trading and destruction of enemies, will mark the antar dasa of the Moon in the

dasa of Jupiter.

46. Satisfying the relatives, addition of wealth from a host of enemies,

acquisition of good lands, doing charitable acts, celebrity of power, some injury to

preceptor or an elder or a severe hurt to the eye, will be the effects that may be

expected in the antar dasa of Mars in the dasa of Jupiter.

47. Distress to or from kinsmen, mental tension, sickness, danger from

theives, illness of a preceptor or an elder, stomach disorders, trouble from the king,

increase in troubles from enemies and loss of wealth will be likely results in the

antar dasa of Rahu in the dasa of Jupiter.

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