Effects of the Antardashas in the Mahdasha of Ketu (Vimshottari)

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Effects of Sub-periods or antardashas of all planets under  Ketu mahadasha (Vedic Astrology Lessons)

planet ketu in vedic astrology

66. Quarrels with enemies, misunderstanding with friends, hearing of bad

words, troubles from fever and heat, loss of wealth and taking shelter in another

man’s abode may be expected in the antar dasa of Ketu in his own dasa.

67. Quarrel with a pious man of lore, misunderstanding with wife and

kinsmen, birth of a daughter, loss of reputation and humiliation and annoyance

from others will be the features of the antar dasa

68. Death of preceptor or an elder of the family, misunderstandings with

relatives, trouble from fever, fighting a rebellion for the king, disease caused by

phlegm and wind and gain from foreign trade, should be expected in the antar dasa

of the Sun in the dasa of Ketu.

69. Sudden gains or loss of wealth, separation from son, a laboured delivery

that engenders much sorrow, acquisition of servants and birth of daughter, will

happen during the antar dasa of the Moon in the dasa of Ketu.

70. Quarrels with members of family, loss of brothers and danger from

thieves, fire and enemies, will be effects in the Antar Das of Mars in the dasa of


71. Quarrels on account of enemies, danger from the king, fire and thieves,

hearing of harsh words from wicked persons and indulging in acts to cause harm to

others, will be the features of the antar dasa of Rahu in the dasa of Ketu.

72. Birth of a very good son, worship of gods, acquisition of wealth and

land, receiving of gifts from many places and honour from the king, will be the

effects in the antar dasa of Jupiter in the dasa Ketu.

73. Loss of servants, annoyance from or to others, quarrels with enemies,

loss of a limb, loss of position and wealth, should be expected in the antar dasa of

Saturn in the dasa of Ketu.

74. Birth of a good son, praise from employer, acquisition of land and

wealth, harassment by a chief of enemies and loss of cattle and agriculture, will be

the likely effects in the antar dasa of Venus in the dasa of Ketu.


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