Effects of the Antardashas in the Mahdasha of Mars (Vimshottari)

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Effects of Sub-periods or antardashas of all planets under  Mars | Kuja mahadasha (Vedic Astrology Lessons)

planet mars in vedic astrology

21. Effects like suffering from diseases arising from the excess of bile and

heat, danger of wounds, separation from brothers, animosity with the kinsmen the

king, danger from thieves and fire, gain of money from agricultural operations and

litigation, will be derived by the native in the antar dasa of Mars in his own dasa.

Notes — In our view the results will be excellent if Mars be yogakarka in

any nativity. Mars, if strong, overcomes all opposition but Mars be weaker, be

afflicted in any way, the native’s enemies gain an upper hand.

22. Effects like danger from weapons, fire, thieves, enemies and king, injury

from poison, loss of an elderly relation or preceptor, suffering from diseases in the

waist, eyes and head, danger of death (of the native himself) or some calamity, will

be felt during the antar dasa of Rahu in the dasa of Mars.

23. Effects like worship of Brahmins and gods, pilgrimage to sacred places

and shrines, performance of meritorious deeds, showing hospitality to guests at

home, birth of children, acquisition of new friends, suffering from ear troubles in a

severe form or from phlegmatic trouble, will be experienced by the native in the

antar dasa of Jupiter in the dasa of Mars.

24. Effects like trouble after trouble to children, elderly relations, calamities

beyond number, loss of money through enemies, fear of sickness through heat and

wind, loss of wealth and happening of events causing mental distress, will be

realised by the native during the antar dasa of Saturn in the dasa of Mars.

25. Harassment by king or governor, enmity with Sudras fear from enemies,

and thieves, loss of wealth, destruction of cattle, elephants and horses and

association with enemies are the likely effects for the native in the antar dasa of

Mercury in the dasa of Mars.

26. There will be danger from thunder bolt, sudden trouble from fire and

weapons, banishment from the country, destruction of wealth, or occurrence of

death (of the native) or loss of wife, in the antar dasa of Ketu in the dasa of Mars.

27. Defeat in battle, residence in a foreign country, theft, trouble in the left

eye, and loss of servants are the effects to be expected by the native in the antar

dasa of Venus in the dasa of Mars.

28. Honour from the king, enhancement in glory as a result of victory in

battle, acquisition of servants, wealth, grains, women and harem, widening of the

scope for livelihood and wealth through daring deeds, are what may be expected in

the antar dasa of the Sun in the dasa of Mars.

29. Acquisition of various kinds of wealth, birth of a son, gain of clothes,

bed, ornaments, gems and other kinds of property, severance from the enemies,

trouble to some elder and suffering from enlargement of spleen and excess of bile

will be the likely effects for the native in the antar dasa of the Moon in the dasa of



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