Effects of the Antardashas in the Mahdasha of Venus (Vimshottari)

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Effects of Sub-periods or antardashas of all planets under  Venus mahadasha (Vedic Astrology Lessons)

planet venus in vedic astrology

75. There will be plentiful acquisition of clothes, ornaments, conveyance,

perfumes and the like, enjoyment of the couch, gain of wealth and splendour of the

body, in the antar dasa of Venus in his own dasa.

76. Suffering from diseases in the eye, stomach and cheeks, danger from the

king and troubles from elder members of the family, will be the likely effects in the

antar dasa of the Sun in the dasa of Venus.

77. Injury to nails, head and teeth, diseases arising from wind and bile, loss

of wealth, dysentry, consumption and enlargement of the spleen, will be the

characteristic features of the antar dasa of the Moon in the dasa of Venus.

78. Pollution of blood, diseases arising from excess of bile, acquisition and

accumulation of gold, copper, and land, dedication of a young woman, loss of

profession, are the likely effects in the antar dasa of Mars in the dasa of Venus.

79. Acquisition of wealth, birth of a son, speaking good words, reverence to

and from members of the family, overcoming the enemy and imprisonment of the

latter and injury from poison, fire and thieves, may be expected in the antar dasa of

Rahu in the dasa of Venus.

80. Performance of religious duties, worship of gods, association with wife

and children and enjoyments derivable from the position of authority, will be the

results in the antar dasa of Jupiter in the dasa of Venus.

81. Honour from the citizens, military or police or from the king, acquisition

of a good wife, influx of many kinds of wealth and acquisition of items of comfort

and luxury, will mark the antar dasa of Saturn in the dasa of Venus.

82. There will be comfort from sons, acquisition of many kinds of properties

and wealth, name and feme, conferment of power and authority, destruction of

enemies, and suffering from diseases caused by the three humours, viz wind, bile

and phlegm, may be expected in the antar dasa of Mercury in the dasa of Venus.

83. Separation from children or loss of children, unhappiness, disease in

some limb, lot of suffering through fire, losses and association with prostitutes,

will be the main features in the Antar dasa of Ketu in the dasas of Venus.

84. Predictions about the results of dasa and Antar dasas described above,

should be made after taking into account the person’s status class, occupation,

colour, outward appearance and his sense ot hearing.

What applies to dasa and antar dasa, should be applicable to pratyantar,

sookshma and prana dasa as well.


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