Effects of transits of the various planets and constellations – Part 2

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17. The following effects will be realised by the passage for Mercury through the various houses reckoned from the Moon:-

1st – Loss of wealth

2nd – Gain of wealth

3rd – Fear from enemies

4th – Accrual of wealth

5th – Quarrel with wife and children

6th – Success

7th – Misunderstandings

8th – Gain of wealth and birth of children

9th – Destruction in undertakings

10th – Happiness all round

11th – Increase in prosperity

12th – Fear of humiliation.

18-20 The effects of the transit of Jupiter through the various houses reckoned from the Moon will be as given below:-

1st – Departure Irom the native place, heavy expenditure and ill will towards others.

2nd – Acquisition of wealth, domestic happiness and influence over others.

3rd – Loss of position, separation from friends, obstacles in business and diseases.

4th – Sorrow through relations, humiliation and danger from quadrupeds.

5th – Birth of children, association with noble persons and royal favour.

6th – Trouble from enemies and cousins and diseases.

7th – Journey for an auspicious work, happiness with wife and acquisition of children.

8th -Tiresome journeys resulting in fatigue, unlucky, misery and loss of wealth.

9th – Prosperity all round.

10th – Danger to property, position and children.

11th – Birth of children, gain of new position and honour.

12th – Grief, fear caused through property.

21. The effects of the transit of Venus through the various houses reckoned from the Moon be as follows: –

1st – Conferment of all kinds of enjoyments.

2nd – Gain of wealth.

3rd – Prosperity.

4th – Increase in happiness and friends.

5th – Birth of children.

6th – Accidents.

7th – Trouble to wife.

8th – Acqusition of wealth.

9th – Happiness.

10th – Quarrels.

11th – Safety.

12th – Acquisition of wealth.

22-23. Saturn in his passage through the various houses reckoned from the Moon, will produce the following effects :—

1st – Diseases and performance of funeral rites.

2nd – Loss of wealth and children.

3rd – Gain of position or employment and acqusition of wealth and servants.

4th – Loss of wife, relations and wealth.

5th – Diminishing of wealth, loss of children and confusion of mind.

6th – Happiness all round.

7th – Suffering to wife and danger during journeys.

8th – Loss of children, cattle, friends and wealth, and suffering from diseases.

9th – Loss of wealth, obstacles to the performance of good deeds, death of an

elderly relative equal to father and perpetual sorrow.

10th – Indulgence in sinful actions, loss of honour and suffering from diseases.

11th – All kinds of happiness, gain of wealth and receipt of unique honour.

12th – Engagement in a business bringing no gains, loss of wealth through enemies, and sickness to wife and son.

24. Rahu in the course of his passage through the various houses will cause the following effects :—

1st – Sickness or death.

2nd – Loss of wealth.

3rd – Happiness.

4th – Sorrow.

5th – Financial loss.

6th – Happiness.

7th – Losses (of wealth).

8th – Danger to life.

9th – Losses (of wealth).

10th – Gains (of wealth).

11th – Happiness.

12th – Expenditure.

Note:—The author has not given the effects of the transit of Ketu. Probably they will be the same as those of Rahu.

30. Mars and the Sun produce effects (during their transit) when they are in the first 10 degrees or first decanate of a sign. Jupiter and Venus are effective in middle position of a sign (2nd decanate) while the Moon and Saturn become alive when in the last position. Mercury and Rahu produce effects throughout their passage.

The transit of Nakshatras Saptashalaka

26. Draw seven lines horizontally (from West to East) and over them draw seven lines vertically. The 28 extremities or points reckoned from the north-east are to be ascribed to the 28 stars (including Abhijit) counted from Krittika (as shown in the diagram below :—

If the star occupied by the Sun at the time happens to be the Vedha star to the natal star, there will be apprehension of danger to life; if the Adhana  Nakshatra (19th from the Janma Nakshatra), there will be fear and anxiety; if to the Kharmaksha (10th from the Janma Nakshatra). loss of wealth will take place, should, however, the Sun in the above  position be also associated with a malefic, death alone has to be expected.

27. If any one of the three Nakshatras mentioned above be thus afflicted by association of other malefics (other than the Sun) then death may occur; if with benefics, there will be no danger to life. Every thing should be judged in the same manner.

28. If the 19th, 10th, 3rd, 1st, 23rd, 5th or 7th (all reckoned from the Janma Nakshatra) are afflicted by malefics during their transit, there will be anger to life.

If the planet be benefic, failure in undertaking will be the only result. Notes — For Adhana, Karmaksha, Vainisika etc. see Jataka Parijata (p. 625) published by Ranjan Publishers.

29. If the three Nakshatras viz, the 1st, the 10th and the 19th happen to coincide with the Sun’s entry into a new sign, or with the transit of any other planets from one sign to another, or with an eclipse, planetary war, or a fall of meteors or any other unexpected occurence, there will be likelihood of death of the native or he will face some similar disaster.

30. The planets fail to assert their full effects in the course of their transit in the following circumstances :—

(a) If a planet yielding adverse effects is aspected by a benefic, his evil effects are cancelled.

(b) A benefic planet is deprived of his benefical effects if he is aspected by a malefic.

(c) A planet loses his capability to do good If he is aspected by an Inimical planet or planets.

31. If a planet in the course of his transit Is placed in an evil house identical with his own or exalted sign, does not yield adverse effects. If he be placed in an auspicious house identical with his own sign or exalted sign, full beneficial results may be expected from him.

32. Favourable planets if in the course of their transh are placed in their sign of debilitation, or in an inimical or be eclipsed by the Sun’s rays lose their power to produce good effects. If the planets in the above circumstances get placed in an evil house, they yield very adverse effects.

33. If the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn happen to occupy, in the course of their transit, the 1st, 8th or 10th house reckoned from the Moon sign, they cause danger to the life of the native, fall from position and loss of wealth.

34. In the course of their transit, the Moon in the 8th, Mars in the 7th, Rahu in the 9th, Mercury in the 4th, Jupiter in the 3rd, Venus in the 6th, Saturn in the 1st and the Sun in the 5th, from the natal Moon, cause loss of honour and wealth, and danger to life.


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