Effects of retrograde Mars for each ascendant – 2018 transit

Planet Mars retrograde effects for each ascendant - August 2018

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Effects of retrograde Mars for each ascendant

Mars will be retrograde in Capricorn sign on 27th June and remain till 28th August 2018. During these 63 days Mars will be retrograde in enemy’s sign which will not be very fruitful. Lord of the Capricorn sign is Saturn which main significations are disease, hard work, hurdles and misery while Mars’ significations are Anger, courage, fight and war. Retrograde Mars will give it’s negative affects to all ascendant natives. If you have retrograde Mars Capricorn sign in your horoscope then it may give very harmful in during the period of retrogression. You may suffer accidents, injuries, Blood pressure and allergy.

Effects of Retrograde Mars in Aries Ascendant

For Aries ascendant Mars is lord of 1st and 8th house and sitting in 10th house of Karma. You may get sudden and unexpected gains from speculation like activities and inheritance money. It’s good time to purchase a new home, if you are planning. Health wise this period will not going to be very good. You may get injured, have high blood pressure, Jupiter’s aspect on ascendant will save you from serious incidents. But I will advise you to take extra precautions. Relationship with spouse will not be very good, both of you may indulge in augments and have misunderstandings. If you are single there are high chances you may engage with someone. Parents will experience some health issues. Your siblings may also suffer from bad health. Venus Mars conjunction Vedic Astrology

You may change your job suddenly and have to sudden unexpected journey related to profession. You should not be over confident and should think twice before taking any important decision.

Effects of Retrograde Mars in Taurus Ascendant

Mars is not very friendly planet for Taurus ascendant and lord of two very important houses 12th and 7th and will transit in 9th house with Ketu. 9th house is known for Religion, Luck, and pilgrimage. Your parents will face some health related problems. Health wise time will not be very favourable for you. You will need to take care of your health. You may get injured in road accident or other injury in knees or buttock. You would not have good relationships with your spouse during retrogression period of Mars. Her or his demands will be at very high level and you will not find yourself very comfortable to fulfil them. Your spouse may go to pilgrimage or religious journey. This time will be favourable for your children if they are pursuing higher education they may take admission in any foreign institute. Effect of Debilitated Mars for Various Ascendant

Your expenses will remain high because of travel and health issues. Retrogression period of Mark won’t be very good in term of wealth creation. Your income and gain will not be consecutive as people expect you will see some ups and downs.

In your work place you will not have good tuning with your boss. You may do some things wrongly and you may be get punished for that. Due to your bad reputation; you may miss some chances of promotion. You may have to visit faraway places or foreign country related to work. Mars in different houses vedic astrology

Effects of Retrograde Mars in Gemini Ascendant

Mars is the lord of 6th and 11th house for Gemini ascendant and transiting in 8th house of longevity, struggles and hurdles. You will have some sudden gains and you will be able to strengthen your financial position. You should solve your financial disputes with patience and calm mind. As there is mutual aspect between Mars and Rahu; it will make you short tempered. You will successfully short out all your financial disputes.

Relationship your siblings will not be very good. Your sibling especially younger sister may engage with someone. Your parents especially father’s health will not be very good. He may have some short journeys. Kuja Dosha Analysis and Mars Positions in Different Houses

Unmarried person will get their soul mates. This retrogression period will impact very much in your married life. Your spouse may have some health issues; you should proper take care of her.

During the retrogression period of Mars you may get a switch into a new job or you may get your first job after lots of efforts and hurdles because Mars is lord of 6th house of competition. You may get appreciation and recognitions at work place. If you are keen to start your own business your may laid down your foundation for business.

Effects of Retrograde Mars in Cancer Ascendant

For cancer ascendant natives Mars is lord of 5th and 10th house and sitting in 7th house of spouse, marriage and partnership in good position. It will be slightly good for Cancereans.

You may get some physical injury especially in head and acute keen pain constipation or gastric problem. It’s my highly recommendation for you to visit your doctor and do routine checkups properly.   Cancellation of Manglik or Kuja Dosha and Pariharas or Remedies

Your financial position will be quite well during retrogression period of Mars. Your financial assets will be enhancing mode.

Your spouse will face some health issues like sudden and chronic pain in the knees and some issues related to blood.

Being the lord of 10th house and it’s position on 7th house; retrogression period of Mars will be very auspicious and memorable in term of professional life. If you are employed in any organization; you may enjoy promotion and higher position and power. You may start a new business in partnership but you should decide all terms and conditions before starting the partnership as 7th lord Saturn is sitting in 6th house (12th from 7th house) of disease, debt and enemy so you may have some differences with your partner or your partner may have some health problems.

Effects of Retrograde Mars in Leo Ascendant

For Leo ascendant generally Mars gives good results because it is yoga karaka , but in this case Mars is seems only good but will not give good effects because it is transiting in 6th house and 8th from Sun till 16th July during this period results will not be favourable after 16th July Sun will be just opposite to Mars and will have mutual aspect between both planets it’s results will be changed.

Parents will enjoy good health and your relationship with siblings will also remain good during this period. Remedies in Vedic Astrology

You may have to borrow money from banks or other financial institutions. You should borrowing decision wisely otherwise your reputation may be damaged and you will be find yourself in debt trap.

Your relationships with spouse will not be very favourable during two months. There may be some conflicts of thoughts with your spouse. He or she may also suffer from some health issues. Your spouse may have some frequent air travelling during the period of retrogression.

You will have to be preparing yourself for tough competition in the workplace and in the market to survive. If you stand bravely and fight with hurdles till the end then victory will be yours. Businessman will also see some unpleasant events and ups and downs in business.

Effects of Retrograde Mars in Virgo Ascendant

Mars is most malefic planet for Virgo ascendant; as it is lord of trik and trishday houses and transiting in 5th house.

You should not take very aggressive decisions in terms of wealth and finance. Your one wrong decision will pull you a decade behind.  You should avoid speculations related activity. Astrology reasons for delay in marriage or break up in marriage

You may suffer from virulence in liver or intestine. You should drink filtered water in much more amount and have some amount of frigid items. Females may face some disturbance in menstrual.

Your parents will enjoy excellent health and will spend joyful time with family; but siblings may be stay away from you.

You may be emotionless during this retrogression period of Mars; this will create problems in your married life. You should have extra care of you love life you may lost you loved one.  

For career prospects retrograde mars in 5th house is not very good; you may miss some good opportunity and even see downward progress in your workplace. You may also entangle in politics which is being playing behind you. If you are a business man you will have to manage things calmly and sagacity.

Effects of Retrograde Mars in Libra Ascendant

Mars is double markesh for Libra ascendant natives being lord of 2nd and 7th house and transiting in 4th house of happiness, luxury and peace.

You may have some fault or lost your electronic gadgets like mobile, laptop and Tv etc. You will feel very unpeacefull and will pass your time in stress and tension. You will have huge financial load burden on your shoulders.

Your parent’s health will be main concern for you during this period. They may have physical injury.  Your relationship with siblings will be good during this period, they will give you full support and cooperation. Effects of the Antardashas in the Mahdasha of Mars

Mutual understandings between you and your spouse will be at bottom. Both of you become short tempered and won’t tolerate each other.

This tome will not be very favourable for you from professional prospects. You will not get support and cooperation from your seniors and atmosphere of office will be very stressful. Business man will see downfall in sales and revenues. You should take extra care during this period and try to avoid any new project.

Effects of Retrograde Mars in Scorpio Ascendant

Mars is lord of 1st and 6th house for Scorpions and transiting in 3rd house. It will play important role to shape future of Scorpio ascendant natives.

You should have to take extra precautions of yourself. There are huge chances to get injured and accidents and suffer from burning sensation urinary system and piles.

Your siblings will not support you as they should because they will have their own problems to short them out first. Your mom will enjoy good health but father may face some eye problems and issues in his bones.

You will be able to accumulate wealth and assets during this period of 63 days. You will have gains of money in minimum efforts. Manglik Dosha | Kuja Dosha Effects and Remedies

Relationship with spouse will not be very fruitful. If you are going give name of your relationship with someone then you should wait till this period get over.

You will have to be super active during retrogression period of Mars; you will have to travel extensively for your professional work during these 63 days. Sometimes you may feel so discouraged due to no outcomes of your efforts, but ultimately you will taste success inspites of all delays.

Effects of Retrograde Mars in Sagittarius Ascendant

Retrograde Mars will not be treating you like a good friend for Sagittarius ascendant natives as it is lord of 1st trine and 12th house and transiting in 2nd house of wealth, family and vani.

Health wise this period is not going to be very good. Mars is transiting in marak house. You may get admitted into hospital in sudden and chronic health issues. You should stay away from taking alcohol and smoking.

You will get support of your siblings and your parents will also get suffered from ill health. They may have suffered from prostate and nerves system issues and sudden and acute stomach pain. RAJA YOGAS in Vedic Astrology

You will not feel yourself attached with your spouse. Both of you should handle with care current situations. Unmarried couples may get married during retrogression period of Mars.

Mars is transiting in house of wealth during this period; you will get financial support from your children. They will do excellent in their workplace and may get promoted or get a new job. Your efforts to earn money will not be fructified. You will have to put maximum efforts for very small causes.

You will have to bear huge burden of responsibilities on your shoulders. You will face some obstacles in your professional life. You should slow your pace during this period and utilise this time in making future strategies.

Effects of Retrograde Mars in Capricorn Ascendant

Mars will transit in your ascendant being lord of 4th and 11th house. It is also badhak (who creates hindrances in every step for native).

Mars is transiting in 1st house, you may have some physical injury in head, sudden and acute pain the chest or burning sensation in urinary system.

Relationship with your siblings will not be very good; you will not get unconditional support and help from them. Our mom will enjoy good health while father may suffer from increased weight and unstable heart beat.

Your spouse will may face some health issues during retrogression period of Mars. Your tuning with spouse will be at lowest level, due to lack of emotions and connectivity of feelings both of you may bother each other.

You should control on your temperament; you may feel irritation and try to search peace. You may also indulge in property dispute which may give you tension. You should try to safe your valuable assets, vehicles. Your assets and savings will be reduced during this period. Jupiter’s transit effect on Capricorn sign

This month you will get results of decisions which have been taken by you previously. You shouldn’t try to take short cut in your business or professional life. This is the time to prove yourself and seeding good karma for future. You should be unbiased and neutral towards everyone and handle situations diplomatically. It’s quite possible to meet some cunning and selfish people who will want to be around you and try to get advantage. You have guts to tackle any type of situations and it is your USP.

Effects of Retrograde Mars in Aquarius Ascendant

Mars will give you mixed results, being the lord of one of trishday (3rd) house and 10th house and transiting in 12th house during it’s retrogression period.

Your expenses will be at rise and incomes will be at downward. This is not a good time for making any type of investments.

Your siblings may visit foreign land and if already there they can be settled down. You will get your father’s moral support. Parents will enjoy good health. Your father may have some journies.

You must be very concerned about your marital happiness and harmony. You will be very uncomfortable in fulfilling your spouse’s demands. Due to some misunderstandings both of you will go away from each other and even both of you may think to take it to the court. You will have to avoid such situations and go for proper counselling, so that you can save your relations. Jupiter’s transit effect on Aquarius sign

Mars will give you some good news regarding your profession, some foreign personnel or entity may connect with you during this period. But if you are trying to settle down in foreign land you may not be succeeded. One more and most important thing which you must have in your mind that you should manage carefully your financial situations else you may be entangled in debt trap. Decision you will take this period will play very crucial role in future, some of your deals may crack by end of this retrogression period.

Effects of Retrograde Mars in Pisces Ascendant

For Pisceans Mars will act like a good one, as it is lord of 2nd and 9th house and transiting in 11th house. It’s results may be delayed a little bit but be good for long term.

You will feel yourself energized but your blood pressure will remain at high level. You should take proper medication to get relief and try to get stress free. You should do meditation and yoga to be stress free.

Your siblings will give you full and unconditional support, which will boost up your confidence. Parents will enjoy excellent health and will have some good time with family. You children’s health may create big problem for you.

You may face some financial crunch at starting of retrogression period due to blockage of funds. You should invest or spend your harden earned money wisely and not to indulge in speculation like activities, because you are not made for such things.

Your spouse will give you good support and both of you will enjoy some good time with each other. Jupiter’s transit effect on Pisces sign

You may see some unfavourable atmosphere at your work place you should be ready to face tough competition from others, and if you are a business man same situation will be for you. You may feel disappointed due to uncertainty in your career. If you are looking for a loan for long time you may get it sanctioned.

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