Finding Job in Jaimani System

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This is the planetary degree wise placement of a male native. Taken as example. Rahu : 49 degree, Lag: 215 degree, Sun 288, Moon (C) 287, Mercury 266, Venus 255, Jupiter 249, Ketu 229, Saturn 202 degree & Mars 197.

Atmakaraka (Own self, considered the strongest planet) : of all seven graha, this graha holds the highest degree = 1st house indicator, Significator of the Soul, Self, physical appearance, vitality. His Atmakarak Graha is Sun, in 288 deg in Capricorn. It is aspected by Mars. It is with Moon. In d9 in Gemini sign with Jupiter, Rahu, & Moon.

Amatyakaraka (Career) :

Of all seven graha, this graha holds the 2nd highest degree = 2nd and 10th house indicator; Significator of the hoards, collections of wealth and knowledge. Significator of the career, leadership roles, social rank.Agents = advisers, counselors, attorneys, partners. Her Amatyakar grha is Moon. Moon is Combust in Capricorn with Sun. Sun and Moon both are weak. Both Atmakarak and Amatya karka grha are the determining factor for job. That we will look through


The Karakamsha-Lagna is simply identified from the Navamsa occupied by the Atmakaraka. His Atm. Kar is Sun. The D9 chart is the dharma and karmic land Scape of the native, whose chart is under discussion. In d9 Gemini is the sign of Mercury where Sun is placed with Jupiter,Rahu and Moon. ATK house position is Gemini. The d9 lagna is Leo. It is 3 from ATK. The house arrived at gives the result of ATK house position.

The strength of natural karaka of that house ( 3 rd from ATK ) in navamnsha and Rashi chart is as follows :

D1: third from lagna. Because his lagna is Scorpio.

D9: 11 from d9 lagna. Here navamnsha lagna is Leo.

The d9 chart gives more suitable results.

The native is intelligent , but doesn’t possesses firmness of mind and his mind is wavering, lacks determination . He doesn’t have ability to solve the problems quickly and to thus act decisively. In spite of his possessing good knowledge he is not able to utilise in time.

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Atmakaraka means

The atmakaraka means the soul which indicates our karmas to work with in this life. The natural Atmakaraka is the Sun and the moveable is: which acquired highest degree in the zodiac. Here Sun is his natural and moveable ATK. Sun stands for authority , respect, power , ego. Moon emotionality, sensitiveness, independence. That the native could not achieve the base field for weak Moon to exhibit it. So he becomes depressive and forlorn. Jupiter wisdom , respect from others imposing his will on others, it is lacking altogether. This aspect he could not achieve for Jupiter becoming in Mercury sign. Rahu gives him illusion, and leads to be repentative when he fails in his mission. He expects much more material gains in life. Rahu destroyes the quality of Moon , Sun and Jupiter, as well as the house i.e. 11 house. 11 house is the house of gains for material things. It makes his life struggling.

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ATK placement

From ATK placement , Sun in Gemini sign the 10 house falls in Pisces. In Pisces sits Mars. Pisces lord is Jupiter. As told his Amatyakaraka is Moon. Saturn is debilitated in d9 chart, Aries. Saturn aspects Karakamsa and also Mars. So in his profession field he will have influence of Mercury (for the sign), Moon, Rahu, Sun,Mars,Jupiter , and Saturn. All the planets are afflicted except Mars. So the fields he is likely to get as subordinate assistant to a Manager of any industry mainly concerned about mines or oil field with paltry sum as remuneration. Briefly a ministerial staff to run the organisation.

In jaimani system char dasha is followed, but widely followed is vinsittari mahadasha , so we can assess this object through vinsittari dasha also. In the dasha Bhukti of any planets stated above he will be observed in employment but the deployment is subject to change frequently.

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