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Child Birth and Jupiter Activation in BirthChart

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Please note the house where Jupiter is seated in your birth chart. Also 5th 7th and 9th house from Jupiter too. Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by Jupiter so note this 2 signs also. Total 6 houses are important to bless you child in their activation year.

Suppose you have Libra Lagna. your Jupiter is in Scorpio in 2nd house. Then whenever 2nd house, 3rd (Sagittarius) house, 6th house , 8th house and 10th house when activated as per Bhrigu Chakra System can give child birth at your home.

Yes, this rule is checked in total 42 male charts with the time of child birth and found this rule 100% working. How to see activation ?

Let us understand in details. We have to move the houses every year. The first year after birth is first house activation. The second year after birth is second house. The running 12th year is 12th house activation. Again 13th 25th 37th 49th 61st 73rd 85th and 97th running year is always first house activation !!

So this way we have to see which houses in your chart can bless you child as per position of Jupiter in your birth chart. Let us understand this by one practical example.

Male. 21 August 1976 at 06.00 pm Ahmedabad. Capricorn Lagna. Jupiter in Taurus in 5th house. So Jupiter will activate 5th by his natal position, 9th 11th and 1st by aspect, 12th and 3rd by Signs. Marriage in 2008. First child birth in November 2010 when running age was 35th so 11th house gave child. Second child birth April 2012 when 36th age was running. 12th house was activated where Sagittarius sign is there .

This rule is working 100% and I am giving the time of conception and delivery using such unique principles .


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