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Every Relationship has a Karmic Contract !!!

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There is a story. I had read in my school life. One sculptor was searching a young face who should be very pious innocent and pleasing. He found the young man after some time. He told him to sit before him for a week.

The sculptor then created a best idol of Shri Rama looking to his Godly face. The sculptor tried to pay him some money but that boy denied.

After a lapse of 30 years the sculptor was again in the search of a person who should be proudy, wicked , rough tough, and debaucher type. He found such person one day and told him to sit before him for a week.

That man asked handsome money in advance for this work. Sculptor agreed and he created a statue of Ravana. But before leaving the space he told to the sculptor that I am the same person you called me for shri Rama idol before 30 years. Do you recognise me ?

Same is the story in our life too. Have you ever thought that the wife you were loving so much and excited for her at the time of marriage, why you have filed the divorce case and don't want to see her face even ?

The son who was very close to you, very obedient, caring loving smart and with pleasant face why changed into an arrogant rough careless angry son despite your love ?

Relationship, may be with wife, husband, son, daughter, brother, sister .... all are changing with the time. Sometime we see the complete change in the nature and behavior .

And it is also seen that, more the man reaches to the heights, the world of relationship seems smaller from the heights. This height may be of money, may be of power.

Moon is the nature, Moon is the feelings, Moon is one's liking disliking. Moon is mind and one's behavior. Moon is the astral body. This Moon changes the Nakshatras in the life journeys when dasha is changed and this Moon is always blended with the new dasha lord.

With the change of dasha the living style is changed. Liking disliking all changed. Perception is changed. All cells of the body , all neurons are changed. Its a subtle and intangible process. Whole thinking process is changed . - ' Every dasha has a relationship contract as per the past karmas related to that dasha lord . '

The man is different in Moon dasha and different in Mars dasha. I know a person who was fearing to ride a cycle in Moon dasha purchased bike in Mars dasha. His Gemini Moon is with Rahu in 6th. Mars is exalted in Lagna. Also he was loving his mother madly in Moon dasha but in Mars Dasha his attitude was changed. See the dasha effect !!!

Complete transformation happens with the change of dasha. The behavior is changed. Also the person comes in contacts of such people who are in tune with that new dasha lord. I will give one example.

One small businessman was very simple and shy by nature. Very straightforward . But when he entered Rahu dasha, Rahu sent 2 people in his contact and they just showed him big project to get huge money. Rahu created big dreams and desires in his mind . He took big loans as per the advise of this people and started a factory in partnership . The partners had no practical experience. And the person became bankrupt in Rahu Jupiter .

This was just a play of Rahu. He creates desires, lusts , illusions in the mind and the person is driven by the dasha nath. Person becomes blind in Rahu dasha.

Time is constant changing . Enjoy the present. Everything is perishable with the time. Nobody is yours. It is the time that keeps you in illusion. It is the TIME that gives you all love and care from husband or wife and not the husband and wife gives you love. You have karmic contract with every relationship, He or she can be changed with the time, with the dasha except they have past life strong bonding.

Whatever you are getting today is the GIFT of your TIME, your dasha, your transits and these all are changing constant. Remember !!!


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