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How to find monthly prediction - Nadi Astrology

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In a particular how a particular month will be can be accurately predicted in nadi astrology. for this purpose, we can take the transits of monthly planets such as sun, mercury, venus, mars.

Whichever rashis the monthly planets and their connection in 1-2-5-9-7 into planets in the birth chart gives the result. The results can be positive or negative based on the friendship and enemity between the natal planet and transiting planet. Similarly, the results will be based on the karakatwas of the transiting and natal planets.

For example, consider sun is transiting in cancer. if there are planets in cancer, Leo, Scorpio, cancer or Pisces (1-2-5-7-9) in the birth chart and If Jupiter is posited in any of these rashis, then during that time period, he will good relationship with his father, will get into contact with big people or there will recognition in his status. the reason for this is the transiting planet sun and Jupiter are friendly to each other.

Now consider, in transit mars is transiting in Aries and in birth horoscope if there is Saturn in Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius (1-2-5-7-9), then the person may some difference of opinions with brothers, brother may fall sick or he will have unpleasant conditions in the work environment., the reason for this is Saturn and mars are incimal to each other.


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