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Apart from the luminaries' sun and moon, all other planets like mercury, mars, venus, Jupiter and Saturn go retrogression. The shadow planets rahu and ketu are ever retrograde.

Approximate time duration of retrogression

  1. Mercury - 24 days
  2. Venus - 42 days
  3. Mars - 80 days
  4. Jupiter - 120 days
  5. Saturn - 140 days

Generally, when benefics get retrograde and they have lordship of trines, they give good results in their dasa. For example, in case of politician 10 th lord being retrograde in 7th house will bring him into fame and reach people in its dasa.


  1. If more than two planets in a chart are retrograde and they own the lordship of 1-5-9/trines, they tend to give excellent results in its dasa bhukti.
  2. If a debilitated graha undergoes retrogression, then it will give good results in its Dasha to the bhava its posited.
  3. If an exalted planet gets retrograde, then it will not able to deliver the results of karakatwas assigned to it. For ex Jupiter being retro and exalted and if its related to trines in anyway, then it will not give/delay the results to bhava to which it belongs and karakatwas related to Jupiter.
  4. A retrograde planet in own house does not give bad results. However, if its badaka or maraka stanas for the lagna then it becomes extremely evil and affects the health of the native.
  5. Natural malefics like Saturn, mars give good results when they are retrograde and connected to trines in their dasa bhukti, however they spoil the karaka of the bhava which they are posited, for example Saturn posited in 9thbhava and retrograde may affect the health of father or relationship with father in its dasa.
  6. A retrograde planet is usually not capable of giving good results if its placed in 6-8-12.
  7. Whichever bhava a retro grade planet is posited it will try to delay / spoil the results of that bhavat bhava. For example, consider meena lagnam. 10th bhava is Dhanus and 10th to Dhanus is 7th. If Jupiter is in 7thand retrograde here, then the person will have lot of changes in profession etc.


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