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Time of Child Birth

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A research article - Time of Birth
(This research is my intellectual property and nobody is allowed to copy paste in his name in WhatsApp and other FB group otherwise legal action will be taken).
We know that there are total 12 houses in our birth chart and every house has been allotted with different matters of life. Also different relations are seen in different houses.
Today we will discuss about 5th house of progeny. As per bhavaat bhavam theory, 9th house is also progeny house since it is 5th to 5th. So this house also considered as progeny house. It is like Arudha of 5th house. So happiness from children is reflected in this house.
Here one thing we have to differentiate between 5th house of male and 5th house of female. In male or husband chart 5th house is generating pregnancy whereas in female chart real conception is set. And since 11th house is the 5th house of wife so real delivery will be decided by 11th house of male.
Since the 4th house in female chart is carrying house of embryo so the 10th house in male chart will also be wife's carrying house. ( That's why If 2 or more malefic planets are in the 10th house of male chart, then chances of abortion or miscarriage to the wife are quite possible ).
In short 5th house is generating or causing pregnancy in male chart but 11th and 10th house are more connected with pregnancy and delivery time to the wife. So when 11th or 10th house is rising in the sky delivery time of child is DUE any moment.
Now we are coming to the main point. Please check the Lagnas of your kids. Mostly it will be 11th house of your Lagna or 10th house of your Lagna. Yes. I have checked more than 1000 couples in my long astro journey and the ratio is as under.
40% cases 11th house of male chart.
25% cases 10th house of male chart.
10% cases 9th house of male chart.
10% cases 5th house of male chart.
5 % cases 7th house of male chart.
5% cases wife's 10th house.
5% cases wife's 11th house.
We can also know the exact month of pregnancy and exact date of delivery by such clear cut rules well in advance. We will discuss this secrets also sometime in future.
Research is my passion and I am exploring various aspects of life with astrological parameters.


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