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When you dont know your Birth Time/Month/Year : Prediction through Prasann Marg

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This is my discussion topic today. The introduction is as this.....

“Sir main 8 salo se competitive exams ki tayari Kar Raha hoon main her Baar main exam deta hoon lekin interview ke liye qualified Nahi hota hoon .. specially Maharashtra police sub inspector ke liye tayari karta hoon.... Ye anewala attempt last Hain ..kya isme to success milega ye dekhana Hain... please guide me” ........

On asking a random number...”Sir 416 page Aya hain”... I had suggested premonition before the supreme power in obeisance appealing to lift from that such situation. Then blindly select a number. I suggested to take a volumonious book like any Dictionary which would be handy for every one. And blindly open a page. That number he has communicated.4 1 6.

According to this number the cusp chart is laid down taking the date 04.05.20, time 14.38.25, place: Jeypore Odisha. The Asc is Leo. Moon is in Asc. Cusp house.

The lagna Lord Sun is in 8 house ,owns 1 with Mercury. Mercury is debilitated. Mercury owns 2 11. In Asc placed moon. Moon owns 12. The Laguna and moon have thus share energies with 1 2 8 11 12. Here 8 & 12 are negative houses meaning pulling down the positivity of 1 2 11. The 1 2 11 combination speaks financial objectives. Let us discuss what is 8 and 12. .

8 is the house of research: all kinds of mysteries that lie with in you and in outer surface of world it means mines, space, sudden events, chemical subjects etc.. 8 house counts 9 from 12 house means moving away from this stayal. It is as such some thing mystery which I can not define. If we consider 8 it also comes under police department , that part of operation investigation and vigilence.

Moon is in fiery sign Leo. It means he is active and energetic. Earthy sign is Leo means taking time to exhibit his inherent qualities. But getting delay .

The number 4 1 6 represent Rohini, Aswini and Aridra: in planetary consideration Moon, Ketu and Rahu. If we consider his job prospects it hints upon caring with transporting, doing some tough and ordeal work belonging to prison/arrest/defense/hospitality. The job that is in his mind speaks uniform....So in interpretation what I get , he is interested in any such type of job where uniform is in use, needing his job relating to that part of analytical and investigating studies. And the knowledge will be used benefitting others. So as per this kundli he is supposed/ destined to work in police or jail/hospital/defense etc. Then let us see the Ruling planets of the day: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu (day lord, Asc & Moon stellar co ruling planets up to sub level) . Of which cusp the sub sub Lords are they, let us see: Sun and Mars of none, Moon of 6 & 12, Mercury of 3, Rahu 9 and 11 and Ketu of 7. Which field of work in uniform they denote: a service in transporting, as his daily job, obeying the orders of the boss, where from his monthly income comes, in doing works of public interest. The planets as such are Moon Rahu and Ketu as it transpires, a driver post in as afore said having the capacity of assisting the executive concerned in reading, writing and taking dictation, presenting etc . It means the government in coming days would recruit personnel knowing 4 wheel driving with mental acumen to carry out that secretarial job. For higher position we generally assess Sun, Mars and Jupiter as essential planets. Jupiter is found in the cusp Sub sub Lord nomenclatures but not the Sun and Mars..

Taking to day as the starting point the Dasha and Bhukti is of Sun and Ketu going up to August ending 2020. Let us see it. As I told Sun is not appearing as the sub sub lord of any cusp. We will take Ketu and what are it’s co ruling planets : Ketu is in Ketu star, Mercury sub and Jupiter sub sub. The planets are Mercury,Jupiter and Ketu: mind power, knowledge and deeper sense of knowledge.

The houses: Ketu 4 6 9, Mercury: 1 2 8 11, and Jupiter 5 6 7 8. This combination speaks working in subordinate capacity as an assistant.

So what I wish to say any post in Jail/Police/Medical/defense he may apply and he will get it I hope so.


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