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What will be your career ? - Part 2

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In our last post we have discussed how to use Navamsha of 10th lord in career.

But before we do this exercise give priority to rule 1 wherein we have written that check if any planet is seated in 10th in Lagna chart or Moon chart. Here we have to ignore Sun chart. Only focus on 2 charts.

If any planet is seated in 10th from Lagna or from Moon and if he is exalted, vargottami or in own sign then that planet will decide the career .

If no planet in 10th or weak planet in 10th then see the lord of 10th house. If that lord is also exalted, vargottami or own house then don't go to Navamsha level.

Decide the career from the strong planet seated in 10th or strong 10th lord.

Will give some examples .

1. Libra Lagna. Exalted Jupiter in 10th. He is a High court judge.

2. Pisces Lagna. 10th lord Jupiter exalted in 5th. She is a principal in a well-known school.

3. Gemini Lagna. Jupiter in 7th with Saturn who is lord of 9th. Jupiter also in exalted Navamsha . He is the owner of 3 big schools. Eduction is the main business.

4. Taurus Lagna. Saturn in 10th in own sign Aquarius . He is the owner of one big steel factory and also earning huge money from stock market. Venus in 7th aspected by this Saturn.

5. Leo Lagna. Exalted Moon in 10th. Owner of one shipping company. Also doing export import business.

6. Aquarius Lagna. 10th lord Mars in Aries with Saturn. A big builder .

7. Sagittarius Lagna. Mercury and Jupiter both in 10th. Mercury is vargottami . He is General Manager in Bank

8. Capricorn Lagna . 10th lord Venus exalted in 3rd. He has a show room of TV Fridge Washing Machines and all luxuries items.

These are just practical examples. So when 10th house has strong planet or 10th lord himself is strong in the chart then we should not check the Navamsha position of 10th lord.


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