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What will be your Career ?

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Career has become most important focus now in everybody's life. Which field to be selected to earn money after study ?

Those who have financial background and well set business of father have no worry of career but common man has so many tensions . Its not easy to get good job unless very good degree and also planetary support.

So far planetary support is concerned we shall have to study the birth chart and the career indications hidden in one's chart.

Our sages have given certain rules and guidelines in the ancient books like B.H.P.S, Jatak Parijat, Brhhat Jatak, Phal Deepika, Uttar Kalamrut etc.

We will discuss this subject in details today. Classic books say that for career 10th house should be focused. Not only that but also clarified that 10th house to be considered from Lagna from Moon and from Sun .

1. See that any strong planet is seated in 10th house in all the 3 charts ? Note it down .

2. Now see which signs are there in 10th house from Lagna Moon and Sun ? Who are the Lords of those signs ? Then see
the Navamsha sign of those Lords of 10th house.

For example. Capricorn Lagna. Moon in Gemini . Sun in Virgo.

As per rule 1 above no planet in 10th from Lagna or Moon. 10th from Sun is Moon but he is weak in 6th house so ignore him.

Now 10th from Lagna is Libra and lord is Venus. From Moon 10th is Pisces so lord is Jupiter. From Sun 10th is Gemini so lord is Mercury.

Now we have to see the Navamsha chart.

See in which signs all these 3 above planets are seated ? 1st Venus is in Virge so Mercury is career planet. 2nd Jupiter is in Pisces so Jupiter is career planet. 3rd Jupiter is in Pisces so here also Jupiter is career planet.

Now see that Jupiter is most strong planet since he is career planet in 2 charts. So this native will select Jupiter career automatically . But Mercury will also play his role partly in setting his career.

Jupiter is the planet of law , education, astrology, karma kand and religious activity. This native got law degree and became advocate in starting career. Then he joined an astrology call center where he has to see the charts online and discuss with clients. ( Here astrology is ruled by Jupiter and communication is the field of Mercury ). He also is very religious .

This way we have to decide 3 planets from 3 Lagnas. Then check who is powerful amongst them .

The career will be fixed by Strong planet along with the help of other 2 planets.

We will continue this topic with more examples and also see when one gets Govt job .

To be continued...


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