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Can we ward off retrograde saturn influences?

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Here I am going to discuss, This is planetary position of a female native facing financial crunch.
Lagna: Cancer 25 degree, Sun and Mercury in Leo 7 and 29 , Moon Libra 01 , Mars Taurus 2, Jupiter, Venus and Ketu in cancer: 7, 19, 12 degree, Saturn (R) Sagittarius 25 and Rahu Capricorn 12 degree.
Lagna is cancer, placed in it Jupiter, Ketu, and Venus. Out of this Jupiter is exhalted. In personal relationship she is a mixture of toughness, stubborn with tenderness, emotional, romantic, sentimental. If any body doing wrong to her , she never forgives the person. It speaks dreamy nature. Natural inclination for spirituality. She wishes to lead a luxurious life with equal social status.
In present age Rahu and Ketu has dominance, because they are like MP or MLA represented by people (in this case by planets). Rahu amplifies , Ketu contracts. Her 1 and 7 house come under the domain of this duo. Rahu gives good wealth, Ketu on the other hand takes it off.
Rahu is in 7 house , in Capricorn sign, lord of which is Saturn. Saturn is retrograde. Rahu is aspected by Venus and jupiter. Thus Rahu represents Saturn, Venus and Jupiter. Saturn and Venus are friendly to Rahu, but Jupiter is neutral. Let me say what these planets speak introvertedly on financial consideration. Which houses these planets indicate :
Jupiter: 1 4 6 9 11.
Venus: 1 4 6 9 11
Saturn: 3 6 7 8 12.
Rahu : (1 3 4 6 7 8 9 11 12 )
1. your physical entity
2. Home and parental home pleasure.
3. religion ,luck , higher education, relation with foreign people, elevation of position. Jupiter and Venus indicate good houses helpful for finance and other mundane aspects, whereas Saturn causes to go it out in other way. I am narrating about the houses indicated by Saturn:
4. blood relations- younger brother and sisters, environment of the family, valour and courage, your physical strength.
5. illness, oppositions, subordinates working under you.
6. marriage, relationship with opposite sex, business partner, emotional relationship.
7. money from legacy, element of sex, secret enemy, insurance, stock exchange etc.
8. this is the house dissipation ( going out from you ) , unforeseen difficulties, isolation (through circumstances) , service to others, sacrifice.
Retro Saturn is negative for her , brings unforeseen troubles in her life including finance. Her aim is great to achieve , but she gets little proportional result. Retro Saturn speaks past deeds brought from last birth. It purifies by bringing difficulties in life. It never allows for illegal action, she can not break the law. Saturn posits in Sagitarius sign, her 6 house. A weak Saturn in retrogration is of worst condition. The 6 house is for service, servants, obstacles, disputes, debts and loans, court cases.
She is earning good but the prevailing circumstances scarcely allow her to save for the factors house wise I mentioned supra.
For good finance 2 6 10 11 are the houses and their lords should be well placed. 2 lord is Sun, 6 lord is Jupiter, 10 Mars and 11 lord Venus. In my assessment they are well placed and connect with among them selves. So my judgement is she will earn and create wealth, but it will not grow for Malefic Saturn.
So when ever Saturn involvement : sign or star or sub or sub sub comes in a ruling period money will not stay with her.
Now her co- ruling period is Jupiter-Venus : till 21.02.22. This is a good period from the above analogy on Jupiter and Venus. But Jupiter is placed in Saturn star. This mahadasha period commenced from 09.08.2012. During this 7 years she should have seen many ups and downs. The sub co ruling is of Venus commences from 22.06.19 and goes up to 21.02.2022. Venus is the star lord of Saturn. We see again there is Saturn s involvement comes into picture. Gradually she will notice her improvement, no sudden rise.
For business the 7 house should be strong , in her case it is weak. The 10 lord Mars is also not strong. So in business field she can not prosper, rather in job she can survive, what I feel.
Other aspects we can judge in similar manner. Here my pinpointing is Saturn , Rahu and Ketu, how I invite valuable inputs by way of comments from learned members.


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