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Gain from lending loan - Birth Chart Analysis

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19th september 1996, 16:23 , 22N34 and 88E22.

Date of judgement 20.05.20, time 00.15. Place Jeypore Odisha.

The ruling Planets :

Mars, Mer,. Ven., Sat,. Rahu,. Ketu. (As per Ketu princeples). Venus and Saturn are retrograde till September 2020.
In his natal chart the 2 6 10 11 cusp sub Lords are : Ketu, Venus, Mercury, and Mer respectively. Their stellar division (sign, star and sub ) in today’s transit : Ketu-Ketu -Rahu. Venus- Mar-Jup(R). Mer-Moon-Ven. Let us arrange all planets in Sun... ketu order. Moon Mars Mer jupiter (R) , Ven Ra and Ke. Houses denoted in the transit chart

Moo : 3 6
Mar: 1 3 10.
Mer : 4 5 7 8 9.
Jupiter 1 2 11 12.
Ven 4 5 7 8 9.
Rah 5 8
Ket. 1 2 10 12.

His present Mahadasha is Venus. Venus is retrograde and will be direct towards end of June '20. In transit Venus is posited in Mars Star. All the planets are in RP list.

Moon operates as the star lord of Mer, Mar – of Venus, Mer for none untenanted, jupiter of none untenanted, Ven of none untenanted, Rahu of own star and Ketu too of own star. The own star and untenanted are strong. After the retrograde planets Jupiter Ven and Saturn becoming direct they will give result. Here Moon and Mars are not strong.

Mercury and Venus acting as Sign lord, and Venus sub lord also. Moon mars ketu as star Lord. Rahu and Jupiter as sub Lord.

We will take the houses denoted by Ketu only since Moon and Mars are not strong. Ketu denotes 1 2 10 12, and Rahu Jupiter combinely denote 1 2 5 8 11 12.

Prediction : Towards October 20 all the planets will be direct in , he will get gain of others money from share market or such investment like lending loan to others . Because of 2 5 8 11 with no 6 10. For such activities 5 and 8 houses are important with Rahu, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus involvement. Venus when transits to Punarvasu star next month he will have some opportunity to invest and will get benefit therefrom.


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