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Horarary Prediction - A case study

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In KP astrology the Horarary method we use 4 basic points: Ascendant, the rising Ascendant as per number, the method and the zodiac.

The zodiac is divided into segments based on Rasi lord, nakhastra lord and sub lord. So there are 249 segments. When you asked a question, I told you to pick up a number between 1-249. This determines the Asc. as per the anxiety prevailing in your mind. The planets are placed in the new chart as per number irrespective of the actual Asc. For example you have supplied 99 number. As per the transit at Jeypore the Gemini. But when drawn basing on the number 99 the lagna shifts to Leo. (You sent the number, 99 , recorded in my mobile at 10.42 AM “Sir. The number is 99”.....)


1.If the degree of the rising sign below 3 Deg then you have no enough information about the Property in discussion; more than 27 Deg then the matter is out of your hands. Your query is: “at least some parties to pay you advance” if they do not purchase instantly. So that you can pay off some loans out standing against you. From the calculation the rising Ascendant as per No., it comes 21 degree. So the matter is within the hands.
2. Void of Moon: That is Moon making no more any connection to any planets before it goes to other sign, then the matter proceeds with great difficulties. Today moon is with Sun. It makes connection. Here one point that is to be observed that the moon should not combust. Moon is not combust to day. All planets are direct.
3. The principal signifactor is 6 house, for getting advance from the prospective purchasers.

You as a Quarrent is represented by the planet ruling the Asc. Leo is the Asc. Ruling planet is Sun.

Moon co-rules the matter ie you as a Quarrent.. Moon is with Sun in Aquarius sign. Saturn here is one co ruler.

The question is represented by the planet ruling the house. The 6 house falls in Capricorn, the lord is Saturn.

If any of the co ruler ie Sun or Saturn if connects the house 6 through conjuction, aspect, placement, then there is possibility. Saturn as a co ruler is the lord of 6 house. So the answer is positive.

Only fast moving planet connecting to 6 house give quick results. Here Saturn is late moving planet is with Jupiter and Ketu in Sagittarius aspected by Mars. To your perusal all are late moving planets, Mars is in last order 45 days, in a sign. The majority of late moving planets are 3, Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter, more duration than Mars. All are of more than one year duration Quick getting of advance is far off sight even in this year.

Saturn aspects first house, it speaks positivity but late.

Let us confirm through sub lord theory.

The 6 cuspal sub lord is Venus. Venus is in 7 th house, with Mercury aspected by Saturn.

Venus 2 3 6 7 10 11, Rahu 2 5 6 7 8 11, Venus...( Sign, star and sub star and the houses denoted by them )

Money to be received : 2 6 11.

Late receipt : 5 7 8
Receipt of advance continuous 2 6 10.
Certainity of getting advance 2 6 10 11.
In obligation to transfer the asset 4 5/6 8.
Day Lord Jupiter.
Asc.lord Sun-Mercury-Venus
Moon sign Lord Saturn-Venus-Ketu.
Your ruling Mahadasha is Saturn.
Antara dasha is Venus

Both are found in the ruling planet. Venus is the 6 th cuspal sub lord. Venus is the sub lord of Moon & Venus. Venus as Pratyuntara lord finishes with ending of 17.04.19. if any party comes, think it as the blessing of the Lord for good deeds you have done. Otherwise it starts after 15.06.19 and then onwards going up to end of 2021.


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