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Prospects of Marriage

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A senior person, an widower asked me what about his present life and the living conditions in coming years in store? I replied on the present position, respected readers, very interesting to note. A life without partner, is a life like hell. An experienced one knows, how he spends his days. Here I wish to say the role of wife=is life( you please replace w with l ).

His birth particulars are : dob: 27.03.1959, 04.30 PM, place: lat-19N50, long.83E30.

“Sir, my regards. To day I have analysed your Chart. I have gone all through your 9 planets in detail. Almost all planets speak a seculded life with depression. But there are some like Ketu, Rahu and Moon speak contentment and happiness in life.

Now let us discuss the ruling period. Now the Ruling period is Ketu commenced from 2.5.12 to 2.5.19. Ketu in your lagna chart posits in 8th house with Mercury (debilitating, Mercury is also retrograde, combust) and Sun, in 20 degree in revati nakhastra in Pisces sign. The sign lord is Jupiter aspects Ketu. Ketu acquires the power of Jupiter, Sun and Mercury. To judge the inner meaning we have to examine Navamsa chart. In Navamsa chart Ketu is in 4th house, aspected by Jupiter. Here Ketu acquires the power of Saturn and Jupiter too. So Ketu is delegated the power of Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.

The general characteristics of each planet with relevance to the present circumstances I am stating. Sun for authority, Mercury for, intelligence, and to achieve a goal at any cost; Jupiter for prosperity , and Saturn for consideration as per logic. So in this period your actions will be on to act prudentially , as per the need of hours.

Ketu indicates the house(human activity)
As a sign lord: 1 2 3 5 8
Star lord Merc.: 2 7 11(very very important)
Sub star lord Venus: 3 8 10
Total houses assorted in order of serial : 1 2 3 5 7 8 10 11
1 2 10 11 houses are giving material gains such as wealth position, social status and achievement.
2 5 7 : love, fun, partner
2 7 11: possibility of Marriage.
1 2 3 5: movement and attempt

Here on 8 it is one hidden house speaks secrecy of the native.
Sir this the present position ( with excuse)”.

The above part is my prediction. The learned members if you wish to study the case you may do so and please share your experiences, I will be obliged.


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