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When the native will resume his profession after a break?

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Date: 20.01.1992, time: 09.05 AM, latitude: 20N25, longitude: 83E19.

The above case was referred to me by one of my fb friends. I studied the chart and gave my assessment . I wish to share this my experience with all respected learned members.

For resumption of job 6 and 10 houses should have connection with the 2 and 11 houses. Let us see your 6 th house lord is Moon. Moon is own sign cancer. Moon is aspected by Saturn, Sun and Mars. The second house lord is Jupiter. The 11 house lord is Jupiter. The 11 house lord aspects through its 5 aspect to Mars, Mercury, & Rahu. So indirectly there is a connection with 6 th lord Moon, strong in its own sign. 10 th lord is Mars, and Mars is aspected by 2 and 11 lord Jupiter. So with conformity I can say you will resume your work in these periods. When ?

In the ruling period of these lords: moon, Jupiter Mars as a strong signifactor, with chances with benefit of doubts in Mercury or Rahu period. Period in Antara and pratyuantara. Let us confirm in kp method.
If the 6th and 1o CSL signify 11 and 2 houses/ cusps one will have appointment/ if appointed a promotion in the conjoined period of 2 6 11
or two of any (2 6 11 ) should be there.

The 6 CSL is Jupiter and the 10 CSL is Moon. Which houses they indicate in kp cusp chart?

Jupiter: 2 7 11
St.Lor.Venus: 4 9 10
Sub: Jup.: 2 7 11
Moon: 5 6
Saturn: 1 11 12
Venus: 4 9 10

So both the CSL confirms the rule. You will resume in the work in the DBA of the above Lords, two of them should come at least as Bhukti and Antara.

Now the ruling dasha is Mercury. It lasts up to 10.09.19.
Mer-Sat-Rahu 06.12.18 to 1.05.19
Mer-Sat- Jupiter : 02.05.19 to 10.09.19

Jupiter complies mostly the rule with significance of 2 11 houses, 7 here you take as your interaction with other members in the work place, where you have to work together.

This is the simple way I conclude my assessment with out going through the 4 fold theory, as stressed in KP system. How do you feel please let me know.

I appeal the respected members to please offer your views so that I will correct my mistakes if any in future assessments.


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