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Without Birth Time can we be able to Forecast a chart?

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My answer would be yes.

Let us take date 20.07.1990. The native a female.

And we will discuss about marriage. We will take help of Bhrigu Nandi Nadi Method. In BNN no lagna and no houses, only connection through BNN aspect. Here the self enity is expressed through "jeeva karaka". For female Venus is the jeeva ...

The chart is laid down as per this date, 20.07.1990, taking the place Jeypore , Odisha, as place of birth.

The planets:


Cancer-3degree-Pushya, Moon-Gemini-10-Aridra, Mars -Aries-11-Aswini, Mer-Can.-21-Aslesha, Jupiter-(C) 29-Gemini-pu.Vasu, Venus-6-Gem-Aridra, Saturn(R)-27-Sag.-ut.shahada, Rahu-Cap-14-Sravana and Ketu-Can-14 deg- pushya.

Her jeeva is placed in Gemini . The planets in Gemini : Venus+ Jupiter+Moon. They connect with other planetsp
through BNN aspects (1 5 9), (3 7 11) and (2 12). As such Venus connects with Jupiter + Moon (through 1 aspect), Mercury+Sun +Ketu (2 asp), Sat(7), and Mars (12 aspect ). Mars is the spouse karaka for a female native. The jeev karaka connects to Mars so that we will say she will have Marriage. 12 aspect is normally treated as negative results except other than bed pleasure. Here we can say the conjugal life is not a happier one. In short time they will be separated from each other.
Her spouse is to be judged from Mars and its connection with other planets.


Her husband would be a strong person. He may be in medical profession . He may be prosperous, obedient, handsome.


Come off from a wealthy back ground. Looks very attractive possessing a good stout body. He likes enjoyment above all other things.


He would be liking to renew, return to that peace of mind if by chance get disturbed, though compromising friendly with others.


he may have a wandering job. He would be caring and likes to give service to others.


He gets a high social position for his dedicated service. He seems to have been endowed with all good qualities.

Now mars (spouse karaka) transits to Capricorn along with jupiter and Saturn connect to Mercury sun and ketu. So in my interpretation she will find her prospective husband in the profession of his father, may be the guy is an assistant to his father. An illicit relationship may develop which will end up in marriage. in May last weak this year.


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