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Mukesh Ambani - Rahu Dasha is over and Jupiter dasha has taken over

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Today we will discuss the chart of shri Mukesh Ambani, a billionaire person. Let us see...
Thís is the best chart to understand the role of Rahu Ketu. He was born on 19.04.1957 at 19.47 hours at Aden.
Libra Lagna is rising at 28 degrees with Gemini Navamansha. Rahu is at 27°-46' in Libra exactly on Lagna point. Venus is too much friendly to Rahu so Libra is the best Sign for Rahu. Mercury is also a friend of Rahu and Gemini Sign is the exalted Sign for Rahu so Rahu is enjoying in natal chart as well as Navamansha Sign. In Kaliyuga Rahu rules the world and wealth is the main boon from Rahu. Once Rahu is pleased and happy in the chart, It gives everything in life in his Dasha and Transit. Name, Fame and Wealth are the boons from Rahu.
Now let us focus the chart. Rahu is in Lagna and Ketu in 7th house. 5 out of 7 planets are connected with Rahu Ketu. One thing I would add here is that his Moon star lord is also Ketu and his family members Smt. Nita Ambani, Akash Ambani, Isha Ambani all are born in Ketu star. Ketu has connection with immense wealth if positive.
Now in this chart Sun the main planet of name fame and power is also the lord of 11th house ( Income, profits, relations). This Sun is exalted and joined with Mercury and Venus. All are aspected by Jupiter from 11th house. This way combination of 1st lord, 9th lord and 11th lord creates great LAXMI YOGA. Mercury is also the lord of 12th house ( Foreign connections ). Mars the lord of 2nd ( Bank balance, wealth) is aspecting his own 2nd house where Saturn is seated in his own capricorn navamansha who is also the lord of 4th ( Property, vehicles ) and 5th (Sudden luck, Good deeds of past birth)
But above all he created this great empire in his Rahu mahadasha from 11 August 2002 to 11 August 2019. Yes his exalted Rahu in Gemini navamansha with Venus bestowed him all this.
He developed Petroleum industries ( Moon and Saturn connection in Navamansha and both are powerful in their own Navamansha ). He started Communication business also (Mars and Mercury exchange in Navamansha ). I have always marked that Navamansha chart has a MAIN role to decide the business field.
Now let us focus coming years ahead. Rahu dasha has ended in August 2019. Jupiter dasha has taken over the charge of ahead journey !!
Jupiter is the lord of 3rd and 6th house and seated in 11th house ( Income, profit but at the same time Baadhak house too ). Jupiter is also in the star of Sun, the Baadhkesh ! Also Jupiter is aspected by Mars and Saturn. This dasha is not good for health and he shall have to take special care now. Sun with Ketu always affects heart and Jupiter with Ketu in Navamansha indicates Diabetes.
We don't know anything about his health issues but he should be careful at the end part of 2020, end part of 2022 and at the very begining of 2023. This period is of ill health looking to the Dasha Antardasha and Transits.
Jupiter, the Dashanath now, will enter Sagittarius from 5 November and he will join Ketu. This is not a good indication. Saturn will enter Capricorn from 24 January. This will be the last phase of his Sadasati. This Saturn will make Square aspect with natal Sun in 7th house. These 2 transits of Jupiter and Saturn do not sounds good. 2020 has some negative events in his life and his empire. Loss in the business or some downfall in the status can not be ruled out.
In short, immense wealth with shri Mukesh Ambani is the blessing of Rahu alone !!! No planet other than RAHU can make one multi millionaire or billionaire !! But that Rahu Dasha is over !!

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