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Is 76 days required to Eradic Covid 19 from India ?

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In answering, it is yes. We will be able to wipe out completely by our own bold efforts. In justifying it let us see our year of independence , it is 1947. Now the year 2020. Let us subtract 1947 from 2020 , it comes 73 years. 7 + 3 = 10 . In numerology it is one .

In numerology 1 number is for boldness, confidence, proudness. Sun is the significator of 1 number. Sun represents sunny ray of our nation that is going to be illuminated as a broad day light , giving an end to imminent darkness that we are now. Sun is the supreme power in the universe. Without Sun our living is a well neigh impossible. So Sun' s gradual progression in our Bharat Varsha latitude will bring the dawn, morning, noon on. We will be in peace and have sound sleep in night.

I wish to submit in house chakra system. In this year , in the given horary chart 10 house is completed. Now we are heading for 11 house. 11 house is house of gain and it indicates achievement. The 11 house is of Gemini Sign. Lord is Mercury . Mercury is now debilitated, in 8 house. Mercury is not in RP we will skip it off. Mercury is placed with Sun. We will take Sun. Sun is in RP. Sun transits to Aries on 14.04.20, into the star of Ashwini- Ketu, friendly to Sun, exhalted , we will have great relief. You may verify the reality from 14.04.20 onwards. Then Sun will transit to Bharini – Venus – greater relief, i.e . in between 25.04.20 to 14.05.20. Because as I find from divine planets group exhibited in RP today Venus is the most powerful planet . On 15 .05.20 Sun moves to Taurus sign, Kritika star, Sun s own star , Sun attains maximum power to radiate it’s energy and completely stop Corona. Taurus is 10 house. 10 house is for power and manifestation of one’s entity. Then it moves to Rohini and Mrigsira, and as like, Sun , when it moves to Gemini the 11 house, we will be successful in annihilating the enemy Covid 19 and it is before 15.06.20. To day is 10.04.20. And 15.06.20 how many days it is from to day : 66 days. I fore see within 60 days our country will be normal, and we will revive our lost energy and glory.


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