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Is china speaking truth.?

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Can we find answer from kp system ?

The above comment was offered by Shri Rajendra Vani against the post “ Lock down Status”....... India in KP Astro Jaikumar

This is the platform where this discussion has started.

My curiosity arose ...can I submit a write up in taking forward the discussion, I made a crude attempt, with out knowing how it will appeal to the intelgentia.., respected members active in it is my effort.

Quarrent : Self.
Date 10.04.20, 13.50 hrs, place- Jeypore ,South Odisha.
Horary No 99 : (random).

As per this divine number: Asc is Leo. Moon in Libra ,3 ; Ketu in Sagitarius in 5 house, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn in Capricorn 6 house, Sun and Mercury in Pisces ,8 house, Venus in Taurus 10 house , and Rahu in Gemini 11 house.

DL: Venus.
Asc: Sun-Venus-Saturn.
Moon: Venus - Jupiter- Venus.

In the chart Rahu is in Mercury sign and Ketu is in Jupiter sign. Since Ketu represents Jupiter , we may also involve Ketu in to RP planets. The RPs are Sun, Jupiter, Venus ,Saturn and Ketu.

One may note here Venus is appearing 4 times, So Venus is most powerful among all the planets. Venus is the lord of 3 & 10 and is placed in 10 house, Taurus. We know 10 house is our social position as a person here it is our nation Bharat Varsha ( I am fond of this classic name, vouchsafed in our epic Ramayana now telecast, I am grateful to those who revived this again in TV serial)

Moon is placed in 3 house ,Libra. Venus is the dispositor lord of moon and 3 house. Since it is 3 house and RP Venus connection the 3 house bears the genuinity and intentionity of the question. Along with we will see 2 house for counter checking the 3 house.

In KP method Cuspal sub lord of these two houses we need to analyse . The 2 CSL is Venus and 3 Jupiter. Both are found in RP . Houses through these two planets :

Venus as sign lord : 3 10
Moon as star lord : 3 12.
Mars : 4 5 6 7 8 9.

3 CSL.
Jupiter : 5 8.
Sun : 1 3 8 11.
Jupiter : 5 8.

Is china speaking truth.?

To find out the truth we will see the 2 Cuspal sub lord first: Mars = untruth, Saturn = hides the fact, Mercury = gives detailed information, Venus= a cover up story maker , Sun = will come true and Jupiter= truth. Venus as sign lord indicates only to weave a curtain to bring some tension down in the present situation to come out from blame that China has created this virus through its working in laboratory with ulterior motive to sell to those countries who are against USA , and practically can not with stand America s military power; so that they can counter manipulate with this bio- weapon. If we consider Iran comes in to first in the category. Star lord Moon indicates 3 and 12. 3 is China s communication to the world community is (12 ) no more in existence.

The sub Mars represents untruth and mischievous is it’s endeavour, that I have briefed in foregoing lines . 6 is disease ,7 is maraka 9 is badhaka (Leo Asc). 8 is aggravation, 5 (12 th from 6 ) out of control and 4 (11 count from 6 ) the magnitude is more than ever. China speaks lie.

In 3 CSL : Jupiter is a benefic planet. So the propaganda will come true in course of time since Sun is the star lord : Sun signifying 1 3 11 (from disease 6 – 1 is 7 count maraka, 3 is 10 count the status that not china but we will attain and 11 is 6 count from 6 house = win over the situation). And 8 house is 3 count from 6 : our effort it is in full swing.

Here if we look into RPs: Sun, Jupiter & Venus are appearing. Venus is strongest among all. So what I wish to say we our Bharat Varsha hitherto is not successful to eradicate the disease by inventing any medicine , injection or vaccine as yet now ; but however we will succeed.

The experiment is on and vigorously we are purarsuing...


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