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Education (Krishnamurthy Padhati)

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Initial Education

4thsublord - 4, 11 (8)
In above to 4 or 11 if it also signifies
3- Boarding education or minimum 30 minutes travelling to school.

Higher Education

9thsublord – 4-9-11 (8)
In above to 4, 9, 11 if it also signifies
10- Gold medal
6- Job based on education/ campus selection.

Sub Lords and Education

1. Sun – medical, mba, upsc
2. Moon – oceanography, navy, computer, meteorology.
3. Mars – instrumentation, hotel management, surgeons, laser.
4. Mercury – mathematics, electrical cables, eee.
5. Jupiter – specialization in medical field, accounts, ca, icwa.
6. Venus – fashion, architecture, designing, developer, cad/cam, graphics, animation.
7. Saturn – archaeology, underground, agriculture, plantation, building and construction.
8. Rahu and kethu – gives based on which ever star lord they are posited.


If 12th sublord is Saturn and signifies 5, 8 then research is duplicate.
If 12th sublord is Saturn and signifies 9/12 then the research is original.


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