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Which Engineering is best for you - part 2 ?

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Sun is the life of all creatures. Sun is the ruler of farming, crop, vegetables, fruits, spices and all. Also sometime Sun gives electrical knowhow due to his fire element.

If Mars has the strong connection with Sun Agriculture Engineering or Electrical Engineering is the best line.

Saturn is the planet of all industries on earth. All mechanism and technical knowhow is the portfolio of Saturn. Saturn is the ruler of all infrastructure. All land on earth is in control of Saturn. All crude oil is under the control of Saturn.

(A) If Aries or Scorpio is Lagna and Mars is joined with Saturn or Mars and Saturn are aspecting each other in 4th and 10th aspect or if Mars and Saturn are in mutual exchange... OR

(B) If Capricorn or Aquarius is Lagna and Saturn is joined with Mars, or Saturn and Mars are aspecting each other or in mutual sign exchange then.....

Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Instrumental Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Building and Construction Engineering are the best options.

All water and liquid on earth are under the control of Moon and Gas Crude oil is under the control of Saturn so...

If Cancer is the Lagna and Moon is joined with Saturn or If Capricorn or Aquarius is Lagna and Saturn joins Moon or Both planets are joined in 10th then....

Petrochemical Engineering, Plastic Engineering is the best choice.

( I remember I had advised one client to choose Petrochemical Engineering for his son who had come to show me his son's chart after 12th result. Moon and Saturn were in Capricorn in 10th house. The boy is now Engineer at Kuwait and earning a lot )

Each child is born with special pattern and liking. We have to find out his successful line from the chart so that he can build his career the best way.


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