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Which Line to Opt for after 12th ?

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Mars is the planet of Science. Mars is the planet of skill. Mars is the planet of technology. Mars is the electricity behind the brain and heart. Mars is the ruler of brain in the head.

Mercury is the planet of intelligence. Mercury is the planet of memory. Mercury is the planet of neurons in the brain. Mercury collects the information which we get in school and colleges and stores them in the brain.

Aries is the first Sign so it controls Head, Scalp, Brain and electric current inside the brain to run the heart and brain. So Mars as lord of Aries is like the HARDWARE of our BRAIN COMPUTER and Mercury is the SOFTWARE. All neurons and signals in the brain are controlled by Mercury. All centers of senses and sensory nervous system in the brain are under Mercury's portfolio. If Mercury is powerful they can smell well, hear strongly, touch well, taste strongly and Sight also powerful with fast analysis in the brain.

There are 4 neurochemicals in the brain. Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and last Endorphins. These 4 neurochemicals are controlled by Moon. So more the electricity to neurons, more the coordination between these 4 neurochemicals in the brain, more the intellectuality and smartness !!

Saturn is the ruler of 10th and 11th houses in the Natural Zodiac. Power, planning, administration, income, turn over, finance, investments, accounts, economics are the portfolios of Saturn. Venus is the ruler of 2nd house ( finance and saving ) in Natural Zodiac. Venus and Saturn are close friend.

This much introduction is must to understand the play of planets in our academic line. We can not guide which line is best without knowing the strength of Mars Mercury and other related Planets.

If Mercury (intelligence and interest ) or Moon (mind and choice ) connected with Strong Mars then Science stream is the best choice.

If Mercury and Moon connected with strong Saturn, then Commerce is the best choice.

If Taurus Libra Capricorn or Aquarius is the Lagna and strong connection between Venus and Saturn is established in the chart, then also commerce and statetics is the best choice.

Strong Saturn makes one Chartered Accountant . CMA, CWA CPT CS MBA (Finance) etc are the subject of Mercury Saturn or Moon Saturn.

Jupiter has much to do with Education and Law. So exalted and own house Jupiter in Lagna 5th 7th 9th 10th or 11th creates Proffesors, Lecturers and Teachers. If connected with strong Mars then Law subjects and makes one Lawyer.

Venus has also affection towards glamour world and film media. So if Taurus and Libra Lagna is there and Venus joins Moon or if Cancer Lagna is there and Moon joins Venus then Hotel Management, Air hostess, Photography, Interior Design, Fashion Designs are best courses to opt after 12th exam.

If Mars is connected with Venus then there are 2 different lines. One is Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals or if interested then Media line, film industry related courses.

Those students who want to opt for Engineering Line then see my next post to decide exact which line to be selected in Engineering.


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