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Any Remedy to go and settle aboard?

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Somebody asked me whether any remedy or mantras are there to go and settle abroad ?
Here is my answer
See everything in our life is destined. If you have the yogas to go and settle abroad, nobody can stop your journey. When 12th house will be activated along with 3rd and 9th house, Visa will be at your doorstep and you will be compelled to board in the international flight. Your own planets will give you full support that time.
Mercury will make your all documents ready, Rahu will give you VISA as Consulate officer, Moon will provide you ticket, Sun will fix the date of journey, Jupiter will manage financial support, Venus will show you the dreams and also accompany you throughout the journey as Air hostesses and also will welcome you after landing , Saturn will give you painful emotions of separation from your home and family, Ketu will cut off the native country attachment and finally Mars will be the Pilot ready for take off.
This is the play of planets in your own chart.
Certain sectors of life are such that remedy will not interfere there.


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