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Check your 24th Year

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Note down your date of birth. Add 23 years. The new date will be your starting date of running 24th years.

( For example 16.05.1972 plus 23 years. So 16.05.1995. Now from 16.05.1995 to 16.05.1996 will be 24th running age )

24th year is activation of your 12th house. The house of turning point in your life. Also 24 is the combination of 2 and 4 number. And total is 6. 2 is Moon 4 is Rahu and 6 is Venus .

So Moon Venus and Rahu will be active at the age of 24. Moon is change. Moon is journey . Rahu gives unknown environment, new contacts . Rahu is also the planet of foreign country. . Venus has thrilling experience, love, romance , marriage and hopes .

So you will experience such type of events within this year of age. Check your past.

I am giving some indications.

Either you will get new job in this year or

You will be transferred in this year. May be same city or at long distance or

You will go abroad in this year. May be on student Visa or permanent stay or

You will get Visa or PR in this year. May be you go abroad later or

You will make a long journey in the country if not abroad. May be just tour or job or for study

You will marry in this year or your engagement will be in this year or

You will develop some relationship and enjoy love romance if not marriage or

There will be a child birth in your house and you will become father or mother if already married

These all possibility are there. At least one event is sure or sometimes more then one event. Just remember your past and check this year.


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