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Planetary Gems of Mercury

Emerald is the traditional gemstone associated with the planet Mercury. Usually, there is a big emphasis on the clarity of gemstones worn for channeling energy, but in the case of emerald, it is an impossible advice to follow. Untreated natural emeralds are beautiful gems but they are very heavily included. Don't insist on eye clean emeralds, as they don't occur in nature. Secondary stones for Mercury include Peridot and green varieties of garnets such as Tsavorite and Demantoid Garnet. If Mercury is in a favorable position in your chart, wear these beautiful green gemstones. Peridot is a wonderful and potent alternative to emerald, as Peridots are never (or extremely rarely) treated, so most Peridot gems available commercially are natural. Peridot has very few inclusions so finding eye clean stones is very easy. 

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