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A renowned name amongst the vedic astrology institutes in India, Astrolok is merely not an educational firm, but is a shining beacon of hope for students who confide in us to attain authentic knowledge of Jyotishshastra. Our professional astrology courses are mainly divided in two sections that are Online Vedic astrology classes and live vedic astrology classes, comprising various sub-subjects like nadi astrology, marriage astrology, career astrology horoscope, kal sarp doshas, learning to read kundali and what not. Our system is highly convenient with provision of ‘learning anywhere everywhere’ outside the confinement of walls with a minimum investment of 1:30-2 hours on weekends.  Apart from institute, it is one of the best astrology sites as well, wherein we provide more information of subjects such as yearly horoscopes, daily panchangs, Indian palmistry and other aspects of hand reading etc. All in all, our degree courses are adequate to provide an individual a holistic approach towards this ancient vedic science.

When it comes to career, Astrolok is serving as a promising platform for our students to become an expert and to collaborate with us as a professional consultant, so that they can help others to evolve in their lives with effective techniques. Also, students can contribute to our website with their valuable articles that will be informational for our readers. Articles in hindi are also appreciated for reaching out to masses.

It is not all; we serve as one of the best astrology consultancy platform for providing a proper guidance about vedic astrology. We assess our predictions with the help of analyzing an individual’s planetary transits that determine the position of all important factors such as health, wealth, career, money etc.  The consultancy services are available online as well as offline, and if required you can directly speak to preferred expert on call to get a clearer vision of the accurate direction in life.

Contact us :- / 9285022333



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